A Day in the Life: Lockdown Edition

A Day in the Life posts are my favourite to read- I love getting an insight into the typical day of other bloggers. I last…


A Day in the Life posts are my favourite to read- I love getting an insight into the typical day of other bloggers. I last wrote one of these in October 2019 and life has completely changed since then!

I’ve been working from home since mid-March and I’m extremely grateful to still have a job when many of my friends have been furloughed or made redundant. My training has also completely changed due to my injury and also due to races being cancelled.

Not setting an alarm and waking up naturally has been one of the positives of working from home. I tend to wake up sometime between 7am and 8am. Read my book and have a cuddle with Glen.

Unload the dishwasher, make breakfast (porridge topped with fruit), get showered and dressed. I’ve been wearing leggings and a hoodie most days, it’s going to be a shock to the system when I go back to the office and have to wear proper clothes.

I have a catch-up via Skype with my team. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we do a quiz- I feel like I’ve learned so much recently just through the amount of quizzes I’ve taken part in!

Start work. I’ve been using the Pomodoro Technique to keep myself focused while working from home. Basically I set a timer for 25 minutes, work on a task until the timer rings, then take a 5 minute break away from my computer. Every 3-4 pomodoros, I take a 30 minute break. I really struggle with distractions at home, so this technique helps to keep me accountable. I also turn off my phone, leave it in another room and only turn it on during my longer break.

Break time! I have rice cakes with peanut butter and strawberries- I’m obsessed with this combo. Go and see what Glen is doing- he is on furlough, so he keeping busy with online courses.

I’ve had quite a productive morning. Have veggie sausages with houmous and salad for lunch. Check my phone and see I’ve received some photos of my baby nephew Joey from my brother’s girlfriend. He’s the cutest. This is the hardest part of lockdown for me- not being able to give Joey a cuddle.

Glen and I go for a walk over a nearby park. We are lucky that there are several parks within walking distance. I’d normally run here, but I’m injured and even walking is quite difficult for me, I have to take it slowly. There are so many swans in the lake at the park- I don’t know where they’ve all come from!

Back to work. I move from the kitchen table to our desk upstairs as I find the change of scenery helps to refocus me. Have a Zoom call with another team who are presenting an update on a project. Definitely relate to the idea of Zoom fatigue with all these video calls.

Another break. Eat a bowl of frozen cherries with greek yoghurt- I’m definitely snacking more since being at home. A delivery arrives- it’s a jacket I won in an Instagram competition way back in February. It’s nice and warm, I look forward to wearing it when I’m taking our club’s track sessions in the winter.

Finish working for the day, but decide to spend an hour on coursework. I’m taking the Level 2 Gym Instructor course with Origym, I started it a while back but didn’t have the time to properly focus on the coursework. Now I’ve got a lot more time, I’m putting it to good use.

My triathlon club is doing a weekly time trial for a little competition to keep everyone motivated during the lockdown. I’m not usually a fan of Zwift, (I prefer The Sufferfest) but I’ve signed up just to get involved in these time trials. It’s a 17.6km hard effort and I finish in about 27 minutes- I don’t think the data from our turbo trainer is completely accurate but until we can get back into the gym, it’s the best we can do! My hip injury doesn’t hurt while I’m on the bike, so I’ve been able to keep cycling.

Have a quick shower and put my pyjamas on, I’m drenched in sweat after the time trial.

Glen’s made dinner as always. We’ve continued to get Gousto boxes throughout lockdown- they are amazing for the variety of different meals.

Clear up after dinner and sit down in front of the TV. The pace of life has really slowed down during lockdown, I’d usually be rushing around all day and never have much time to sit and relax. I also work on a cross-stitch which I started way back in 2010 and might actually finish this year!

Head up to bed. We try to avoid the temptation of staying up late, otherwise it will be a hard habit to break when things go back to normal.

What’s a typical day in lockdown for you?

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