6 more books for runners, cyclists and triathletes

While we are all currently practising social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be looking for ways to fill the extra time at home. Catching up on reading helps to occupy your mind and… View Post

6 Stretch Cord Exercises for Swimmers

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, we’re experiencing changes and uncertainty around our daily routines. Many swimmers and triathletes are finding their local pool and gym closed for the foreseeable future and are looking to maintain… View Post

For and against women’s only events

Being a This Girl Can Ambassador, I’m passionate about getting more women active. It’s a sad fact that there are 313,600 fewer women than men who are regularly active, and 4 in 10 women are… View Post

What do pro triathletes eat? Helen Jenkins

Ever wondered what pro triathletes eat to support their racing and training? Do they follow a strict nutrition plan, or can they get away with whatever they like due to their training volume? I’m always… View Post

Why you should get a swim stroke analysis

Of the three disciplines in triathlon, swimming is the most difficult to master. Efficient swimming really comes down to technique. Improved efficiency means going faster without a substantial increase in effort or energy expenditure. Even… View Post

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