CBD for Triathletes

Since becoming legally available in 2018, the popularity of CBD oil has grown and grown. The ingredient has steadily made its way into all manner of…

CBD for Triathletes

Since becoming legally available in 2018, the popularity of CBD oil has grown and grown. The ingredient has steadily made its way into all manner of health and wellness products from tampons to tea, toilet paper to toothpaste. It’s touted as a wonder drug with claims that it can heal inflammation, boost sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

CBD is the short name for cannabidiol, one of the two chemicals derived from the cannabis plant. The other chemical is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is psychoactive and gives you the feeling of being high. CBD is now a legal substance but THC is illegal and its use would result in a failed drug test.

In 2019, professional triathlete Lauren Goss received a six-month suspension for an anti-doping rule violation after testing positive for CBD. She stated that she was using a CBD cream to treat an ankle injury but “the cream was tested and had more THC than it stated on the container”.

I have been curious about the benefits of CBD for triathletes, but have been wary of trying products due to the reputation and uncertainty around the THC content.

CBD Triathlete was launched last year by a friend of mine, John Conquest. The range of products are designed specifically to support triathletes in their performance and recovery. All products are rigourously tested by both the manufacturer and a third-party laboratory to ensure they are completely free of THC. You can scan the QR code on the product packaging to view the certificate of analysis from the laboratory.

I tried to test the products with an open mind and put aside any preconceptions about CBD. I used them all regularly and tried to be aware of any changes I noticed in my wellbeing.

Tri Iso Muscle Balm

CBD for Triathletes- Muscle Balm

The balm is designed to promote faster recovery and soothe aches and pains when used after a workout or race. It contains 1000mg of CBD alongside other essential oils. I used the balm to massage my legs alongside using a massage gun when they were particularly sore after a few days of running up mountains!

The balm has quite a thick texture in the container, but melts in your hands and glides easily over the skin. It has a pleasant and soothing scent. It does leave a greasy residue on the skin, so you can’t put clothes on immediately after use.

I definitely noticed a reduction in my muscle soreness, but I’m not if it’s due to the ingredients or the action of the massage.

Tri Iso Joint and Muscle Lotion

CBD for Triathletes- Lotion

The lotion is a transdermal cream that can be used at any time of day on sore joints and muscles. Again, it contains 1000mg of CBD blended with essential oils. It comes in a single pump bottle for easy distribution and application.

The lotion sinks into the skin easily and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and nourished. It has quite a strong menthol-like scent.

I tended to use this on my neck and shoulders when they were feeling sore and tight after training. I must admit I didn’t notice a great deal of difference from using this product.

Tri Iso Tincture

CBD for Triathletes- Tincture

The tincture contains pure isolated CBD and MCT (coconut) oil and comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. It’s taken by squeezing drops under your tongue and leaving on your sublingual glands for a minute before swallowing. This makes it the most efficient mechanism to get it into your body. Each drop contains 5mg of CBD and it’s a process of finding the correct dose for each individual.

The oil doesn’t have a taste or leave any residue in the mouth. The dropper means that you can easily measure out doses and see how much you are taking. I tended to take 5-7 drops in the morning and again in the evening.

The CBD tincture is said to treat insomnia and anxiety- as I don’t suffer with these conditions, it was difficult to say whether the product was beneficial for me. There were not any noticeable improvements in my sleep and mood after taking CBD, but it’s possible that I needed to increase the dose or use it for a longer period.

CBD for Triathletes- does it work?

For me the jury is still out on whether CBD is a wonder ingredient, but I did enjoy using the products. Everything in the range is nicely packaged and branded, they look like quality products. However, I did find that the black bottles make it difficult to judge how much product is remaining. The only downside is the proce- at £75 for the tincture, £47.50 for the lotion and £40 for the balm, I couldn’t justify the cost.

I was gifted the CBD Triathlete products for review but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever tried CBD? Did you find it beneficial?

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