7 reasons why a break from triathlon training might be a good thing

Life has changed dramatically over the past month as we try to slow the spread of Coronavirus. We’re confined to our homes, with races cancelled, pools closed and training restricted. Despite the unprecedented situation, there… View Post

What do pro triathletes eat? Helen Jenkins

Ever wondered what pro triathletes eat to support their racing and training? Do they follow a strict nutrition plan, or can they get away with whatever they like due to their training volume? I’m always… View Post

How I qualified for Team GB Age Group

Since I announced that I have qualified to race for Team GB at the Age Group European Championships, a few people have asked me to explain more about the qualification process. I’ve always tried to… View Post

Brutal Extreme Triathlon Race Re-Cap

I always plan to write my race re-cap immediately after finishing, while it’s all still fresh in my mind. However, with the Brutal Extreme Triathlon, it’s taken a few weeks to process everything and let… View Post

Lakesman Half Race Re-cap

It’s been a while since I’ve written a race re-cap on my blog, in fact I’ve not actually raced in almost a year. I’ve been a bit more selective about which races I do, instead… View Post

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