6 Stretch Cord Exercises for Swimmers

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, we’re experiencing changes and uncertainty around our daily routines. Many swimmers and triathletes are finding their local pool and gym closed for the foreseeable future and are looking to maintain… View Post

Why you should get a swim stroke analysis

Of the three disciplines in triathlon, swimming is the most difficult to master. Efficient swimming really comes down to technique. Improved efficiency means going faster without a substantial increase in effort or energy expenditure. Even… View Post

Pool-based swim challenges to keep you motivated

At this time of year, open-water swim challenges can seem like they are in the distant future (unless you are a hardcore all-weathers swimmer). It’s easy to lose motivation for pool swimming unless you have… View Post

How to overcome your fear of open water swimming

It’s common to have a fear of open water swimming as a newbie (or even experienced) triathlete. Although it’s the shortest part of a triathlon, the swim often causes the most stress and anxiety. There… View Post

Swim the Arctic Circle- everything you need to know

Swim the Arctic Circle is one of those crazy bucket-list events that has to be experienced once in a lifetime. I heard about it on social media last year and as soon as it opened… View Post

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