Active Travel in the French Alps

For me, the Alps have always been synonymous with winter sports. I used to visit Chamonix in my early teens on skiing trips with my family, so I associate the area with snowy slopes and powdery pistes. Turns… View Post

Feeling body confident in swimwear

Wearing a swimsuit in public is something that most people only have to face once a year- that annual panic to get ‘beach body ready’. However, if you are a triathlete then every day can be… View Post

8 Tips for Learning to Swim

8 Tips for Learning to Swim I often talk on my blog about how learning to swim was one of the best things I’ve done for my fitness and health. When I started adult swim… View Post

7 Swims in 7 Days- my Festive Challenge

The countdown to Christmas brings with it a range of fitness challenges which encourage participants to run daily (or stay active) throughout December. Personally, I know that a run streak wouldn’t benefit me as the… View Post