Pool-based swim challenges to keep you motivated

At this time of year, open-water swim challenges can seem like they are in the distant future (unless you are a hardcore all-weathers swimmer). It’s easy to lose motivation for pool swimming unless you have a goal to work towards or a target in mind.

Here are some pool-based swim challenges to keep you motivated over the winter months…

How far can you swim in 30 minutes? Or an hour?
See how many lengths you can complete within a certain time-frame, then aim to beat that next time!

Set a distance target based
How about trying to swim the distance of the English Channel in a pool over the course of three months? Or completing 10km in two weeks? Everyone Active’s January challenge is to swim Loch Ness’s entire 36.3km length before the end of the month.

Unless you are good at counting lengths (I’m not), it might be worth looking at swimming watches to keep track of your distance in the pool.

swim challenges

Swim every day for a week
Getting in the pool every day can really boost your fitness and improve your feel for the water. I did this in December 2017 to keep myself motivated over the festive period and ended up covering 14km in a week.

Learn a new skill/stroke
Use the winter months to nail your swimming skills. Learning to tumble-turn efficiently helps you to maintain flow and rhythm whilst swimming, without the interruption of a touch-turn. Vary up your training and practice a different stroke- if you always swim front crawl, try improving your backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly strokes.

Sign up for an event
Taking part in a pool-based swimming event can be a great way to keep motivated over the winter- challenge yourself up to 10km at Marathon Swims.

What swim challenges do you have planned to keep motivated this winter?

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