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I always really enjoy reading ‘a day in the life’ blog posts. I’m quite nosey and love getting an insight into how other people spend…


I always really enjoy reading ‘a day in the life’ blog posts. I’m quite nosey and love getting an insight into how other people spend a typical day. I feel like these types of blog posts used to be popular back in 2014-16, but for some reason, I’ve never shared one myself. I’m also currently obsessed with Refinery29’s money diaries– check them out if you are not already a reader.

So here is a typical 24 hours (well 16 hours) of my life…

Woken up by my alarm. I’ve only had about 5 hours sleep, as I didn’t get home from work until after midnight yesterday. I’m already exhausted before the day has started. I get dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and drive to the gym with Glen.

Arrive at the gym for my personal training session. I’ve been having PT with Emma for over a year- her sessions are always tough but a lot of fun. We do a full-body workout with lots of core exercises.

Finish my training session. Normally I’d have to rush to get showered and dressed but today I don’t need to be at work until later so I hang around chatting to Emma for a while. Glen heads home with the car.

Head home from the gym, it’s only a 10-minute walk and it’s a lovely sunny morning. At home, I shower, get dressed and do my makeup. Then I eat breakfast- overnight oats with cinnamon and have a protein shake.

Leave for the station. I’m starting work later because I worked at an event last night. My job is at a company which advances women in business and yesterday we had an awards ceremony for women who are excelling in their careers within the retail sector. Our awards ceremonies are always inspirational and exciting to be involved in, but it can be very long hours! Here’s the team at our event…

Get on the tube and listen to My Dad Wrote Porno podcast. Try not to burst out laughing in public.

Arrive at the office. There’s plenty to follow up on after yesterday’s ceremony. I upload photos to our Facebook album, send thank you emails to our partners and we have an internal meeting for a debrief of the event. Eat a Nakd bar and some pineapple mid-morning.

Lunchtime! I’m always starving by midday especially when I’ve been up early for training. I have a tuna salad with houmous and beans which Glen kindly packed for me. Some of my colleagues are getting a Thai takeaway, but I always bring my lunch to work as I can’t afford London prices. I go out for a wander as I like to get out of the office at lunchtime. There isn’t much around this area, so I end up in Boots looking at showergels which I don’t need.

Back to work. Spend the afternoon uploading content and then putting together an email newsletter for our entrepreneurs hub members.

Small break as it’s a colleague’s birthday so we celebrate with chocolate cake. I have a small slice- it’s all about balance right? No photo of the cake- you know what that looks like!

Finish work for the day and head home. I listen to music on Spotify on the tube.

Arrive home. I get changed into gym kit, wash my makeup off and eat a banana with peanut butter. It doesn’t look very well presented, but I’m not a food blogger! Glen gets home at around 7pm, so we catch up as I’m getting changed.

Drive back to the gym. I often joke that I should just move in at the gym as I’m here so often- double training days are pretty common for me. I’ve got a Sufferfest on the plan for this evening- it’s called Chrysalis and it’s supposed to be a duathlon training session with treadmill runs, but my coach tells me to do it all on the bike. It’s something a bit different.

Sufferfest done and I’m back home. Straight into the shower as I’m covered in sweat. Glen has made dinner (he does all the cooking). We get Gousto boxes and tonight’s recipe is Pan-Fried Cod with Tomato and Caper Relish and Crushed Potatoes. It’s delicious.

Spend the rest of the evening doing jobs around the house- loading the dishwasher and washing machine, cleaning the kitchen surfaces and packing lunch for tomorrow. Update my Training Peaks with comments for my coach, then watch a little bit of TV with Glen.

Brush my teeth and get into bed. I’m shattered. Goodnight!

So that’s a pretty standard day for me, very busy! I’d usually get a bit more sleep and go into work earlier, but otherwise a fairly normal weekday.

Do you like this type of blog content? What’s a typical day for you?


  1. I love reading the money diaries- although it always surprises me how much in general people spend on eating out (more common in the US I think).
    I like reading these day in the life posts too- it’s interesting to see how people fit things in around jobs etc.

  2. Love day in the life posts! What would you say are your biggest struggles in your day to day training? Do you ever get mentally over it with two-a-days? I know for me, personally, I am a one and done kind of girl. I go to the gym in the morning before I start my work day and then I shower, start my work day, and then grab breakfast/brunch (by the time I get around to eating). After eating its work, work, work time before I finally wrap up the day and start dinner! I feel like as athletes our days revolve around the gym, eating, working, and sleeping! p.s. Do you have a long commute into London for work?

    1. Yes I do sometimes struggle with double training days… however we are now into the off-season so I will be cutting down on training until January, so no more double days for a while! My commute is about 1hr 10-15 mins, so about 2.5 hours per day travelling, I do sometimes work from home like today! Thanks for reading and your comment.

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