5 options for storing bikes indoors

Finding a way to store your bike when you are not actually riding it can be tricky, particularly if you are limited on space and…

5 options for storing bikes indoors

Finding a way to store your bike when you are not actually riding it can be tricky, particularly if you are limited on space and own several bikes! They are easily knocked and damaged when left propped against a wall and can take up valuable space in your home. Ideally, you need your bike to be out of the way and secure, but also easily accessible for when you want to ride it.

Between me and my husband, we own six bikes, most of which are kept indoors so we’ve looked into several creative solutions for storing bikes indoors. Like us, you might find you’ve created room for even more bikes once you’ve got the existing ones in order!

Here are 5 options for storing bikes indoors:

Storing bikes indoors

1. LifeLine Wallmount Bike Storage Hanger
This is the option we are currently using for storing bikes indoors. It’s a wall-mounted hanger that enables you to store your bikes vertically to save space. It consists of a metal plate with a rubber-coated curved hook to hold the wheel. You can hang the bike from either the front or rear wheel, allowing you to arrange them top and tail as we have.
– Easy to attach to the wall with 4 screw holes
– Budget-friendly option at £7.99/£10.99 each
– Comes in regular or wide to hold tires up to 3″
Buy here

2. Gear Up OakRak Floor to Ceiling bike rack
This is the option we used to have before our bike collection expanded and we realised we needed more storage space! The wooden beam is held in place by a tension mounting system between the floor and ceiling, meaning there is no need to drill into walls. The vinyl-coated arms hold two bikes horizontally and it comes with velcro straps to secure the front wheel.
– Easy to lift bikes on and off the rack
– Attractive design made from American red Oak wood
– Minimum ceiling height required is 7 feet and the maximum is 10 feet
– More expensive option at £199
Buy here

3. Clug Pro
Another wall-mounted option is the Clug Pro. This small device uses an innovative magnetic winch handle and ratchet system to hold your bike wheel. Bikes can be stored horizontally or vertically. With five sizes to choose from, it holds pretty much every tire size possible. You can adjust the length of the cord to ensure a snug fit.
– Holds bikes weighing up to 30kg so it can even hold an eBike
– World’s smallest bike rack- virtually invisible when the bike isn’t there
– Easy to install- attachs to the wall with 2 screws
– Affordable at £25.99
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4. Gear Up Up and Away Hoist System
If you have the ceiling height and would like your bikes stored up out of the way, a hoist system might be the best option. The two-rope pulley system keeps your bike level, and the locking clutch system ensures the bike is securely held up. The hooks attach to the saddle and handlebars.
– Maximum recommended weight is 51 kg
– Comes with two extra straps to allow other items to be attached, such as canoes, skis, ladders
– Affordable at £44.99
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5. Hipkok Airlok
For an extra secure way to store your bike, consider the Hiplok Airlok. This wall-mounted hanger has an integrated 30mm hardened steel locking pin to keep your bike safe while the impact-resistant rubberised mouth prevents frame scratches.
– Comes with 3x Coded, Replaceable Keys
– Fits a wide variety of bike frames
– Available in a choice of colour- black, white, grey and red
– More expensive option at £159.99
Buy here

How do you store your bike indoors?

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