5 Reasons to ride an eBike

There are a lot of misconceptions around eBikes… they constantly run out of power, they are only for lazy people and they require a licence to…



There are a lot of misconceptions around eBikes… they constantly run out of power, they are only for lazy people and they require a licence to ride. As snobby as it sounds, I’d never considered an eBike until recently as I didn’t consider it a ‘proper bike’.

A eBike is a pedal bike with an integrated electric motor which boosts the power created by your own pedalling. Some models also feature Di2 gearing which automatically selects the best gear based on a rider’s cadence and speed. The battery life allows you to ride up to 170km on a single charge.

Despite the myths and misinformation, the eBike market is booming they show no signs of going away. In 2017, there were 62,500 eBikes sold in the UK showing a 20% growth in the market. Wanting to see what all the fuss is about, I tried out an eBike with Shimano Steps and my opinion completely changed. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why you should consider an eBike…

Break down barriers

eBikes make cycling more accessible to those who would usually find it difficult due to age, illness, fitness levels or lack of confidence. The electric motor provides assistance which helps the rider cycle with ease and reduces the amount of effort required. You still get the benefits of being active and getting outdoors without it feeling like such a slog.

Even for those people who do cycle regularly, there are times when your legs are exhausted and your body is in need of a rest. eBikes allow you to get outdoors and ride whilst easing the strain on your legs.

No sweat

The idea of arriving to work drenched in sweat is enough to put some people off cycle commuting, especially if there are no shower facilities to freshen up at the office. Riding an eBike eliminates this issue as you won’t be exerting as much effort whilst riding. The Sports Science Agency discovered that eBike riders produce 3.1 times (350ml) less sweat than regular bike riders.

Ideal for commuting

eBikes are perfect for commuting in the city- you can cruise through the congested streets on bike lanes whilst adding more exercise to your daily life. Compared to the cost of commuting by car, tube or bus, riding an eBike works out far cheaper and reduces your journey time. Start mode helps you quickly accelerate from a stopped position so it’s ideal for city commuting with traffic lights and junctions.


Tackle hills and headwinds

eBikes really come into their own when tackling tough hills or strong headwinds. The Shimano Steps system allows you to choose the level of assistance, so on the approach to a steep hill simply switch into high mode and power up it with ease! If you live somewhere particularly hilly then an eBike can be a game-changer for your cycling.

Great fun to ride!

The biggest surprise from my experience of cycling with Shimano Steps was simply how much fun the eBike was to ride. It’s so effortless and smooth, it almost feels like flying! The automatic Di2 gearing feels like driving an automatic car- there’s nothing to think about other than pedalling and the road ahead.

Have you ever tried an eBike?

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