How to move more at home

Lockdown restrictions are gradually being relaxed in the UK and we are no longer confined indoors. However, gyms aren’t due to reopen for a while…

How to move more at home

Lockdown restrictions are gradually being relaxed in the UK and we are no longer confined indoors. However, gyms aren’t due to reopen for a while yet, so home workouts are still very much on the agenda, particularly if you are part of the high-risk group.

The past few months have really shown how important physical activity is to overall health and wellbeing, but also how easy it can be to adapt our exercise routine. I’ve seen some really inventive ways of keeping fit at home, proving that where there’s a will there’s always a way.

Here are some ways to move more at home:

Indoor cycling on the turbo trainer
A turbo trainer is a device for allowing you to ride your bike indoors and can be connected up to an app such as The Sufferfest or Zwift for structured virtual workouts.

There was a huge increase in turbo trainer sales as soon as the lockdown was announced, in fact, Sigma Sports announced a 977% increase year-on-year! I dusted off my Bkool and have been keeping up my bike training without leaving the house.

Move more at home- turbo trainer

Resistance band workouts
Resistance bands are one of the most versatile, effective and inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment. They come in different thickness and lengths and can be used for a range of strength, mobility and conditioning exercises.

I shared some exercises to condition the muscles used in swimming whilst the pool is closed, but I’ve also been using fabric resistance bands for glute strengthening workouts.

Live fitness classes
Fitness instructors have quickly adapted to lockdown by offering live classes on Zoom, Instagram Live or Youtube. There are so many options available from yoga to HIIT, boxing to dance. Not forgetting the incredibly popular PE with Joe Wicks!

Streamed classes aren’t quite the same as having the instructor there with you, but they are a great chance to try something new in the comfort of your own home. I’ve tried out foam rolling, pilates, yoga and I’ve also continued to have personal training sessions during lockdown.

At home challenges
With races being cancelled, many people have sought out ways to challenge themselves without leaving home. Some have ran marathons in their gardens, climbed the height of Everest on their stairs, or completed a press-up challenge.

These types of challenges are super impressive, but be aware they do put you at greater risk of injury, so stay safe.

Have fun!
Moving more at home doesn’t have to be about big challenges or tough workouts. Playing with your kids or pets, bouncing on a trampoline, practising handstands or splashing in a paddling pool are all fun ways to add more movement into your day.

This post is sponsored by Sure Deodorant- they have loads more ideas from their ambassadors to move more at home.

How have you found ways to move more at home?


    1. I’m not sure I understand your question. Yes of course someone who is overweight can still cycle, although you might need to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise programme. Are you referring to the turbo trainer or cycling on the road? Either way, your weight shouldn’t stop you from enjoying cycling.

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