Planning an Active City Break

Even though I just got back from Croatia, I’m already thinking about taking a another break before the end of the year. Autumn is a…


Active city break

Even though I just got back from Croatia, I’m already thinking about taking a another break before the end of the year. Autumn is a lovely time of year for a city break in Europe, as the temperatures are lower and the streets are less crowded.

When visiting a new destination, I always aim to check out the local fitness scene both outdoors and inside. Staying active whilst travelling is important to me, plus it’s a great way to explore the city. In New York, a class at SoulCycle was top of my to-do list, whilst in Berlin and Seville I planned running routes around the parks.

Active city break

I’ve not been to Amsterdam since 2009, so it’s definitely time to revisit the capital of the Netherlands. Fitness may not initially spring to mind when you think of the Amsterdam’s coffee shops and Red Light district, but there is actually a thriving fitness scene in the city. Gym Nomad lists the best facilities in Amsterdam, so you are able to easily find a location to train. WattWorks looks like the perfect way to keep up my triathlon training whilst travelling with it’s endurance Wattbike sessions. There are also several running tracks in Amsterdam for a sprint workout.

Barcelona is another destination I’d like to revisit to check out the fitness facilities. There’s an abundance of gyms and studios all over the city, including Duet Fit sports clubs. Aqua Cycling is fun and challenging workout- it’s now available at Aqua Body Studio in Barcelona with classes designed for all ages and abilities. For outdoor training, Urban Gorillas arranges bootcamp groups at locations throughout Barcelona with a focus on being social and having fun.

Paris is another option I’m considering for an active city break. Indoor cycling studios are popping up across Paris just as rapidly as they are in London. I’ve bookmarked Dynamo Cycling, Kiwill and Let’s Ride to try on my trip.

Day passes can be so expensive, so services like Gym Nomad are ideal for active city breaks as they provide short-term memberships at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Amsterdam currently, but I’d love to see this concept expand out to other European cities.

Post written in collaboration with Gym Nomad.

What’s your favourite destination for an active city break? Would you take a short-term gym membership whilst travelling?


  1. I went to Amsterdam just to run a 10km …have not been back since but I loved it! I haven’t been travelling as much to do events (other than Barbados) but will be a focus for me the next couple of years for sure!

  2. I have started to look at parkruns in various cities now as that is something I’d like to do- you would see a new park and new area and meet some of the locals. I don’t think I’d go to a gym though- I’d rather be outside.

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