Aqua Fit Cycling

Last weekend, I was a bit of a water baby. As well as completing Swimathon, I also had the chance to try an Aqua Fit…


Last weekend, I was a bit of a water baby. As well as completing Swimathon, I also had the chance to try an Aqua Fit Cycling class with Aqua Fit Pro. I’ve been keen to try this class for a while as it combines two of my favourites- cycling and “swimming”!

Aqua Fit Cycling

Simply Health invited me to experience the class hosted at Nuffield Health in London, as part of their #SHhealthyhabits campaign.

I wore a swimsuit for the class, and was provided with rubber shoes to wear on the bike.

Aqua Fit Cycling

We used a paired-down version of a spin bike, without a flywheel or gears. The bikes were submerged into the pool and held in position underwater by suction pads on the base. 
The saddle height and handlebar position is adjustable as with a regular bike. Climbing onto the bike, with my upper body above the water line, I slipped my feet into the straps on the paddle pedals. 

Aqua Fit Cycling

Pushing against the water resistance, we alternated between standing sprints, seated steady cycling and exercises off the bike. The focus was on core engagement and keeping a fluid pedalling motion in time with the beat of the music. The class was tougher than I had anticipated, I could feel the burn in my quads from the start. It took a while to get used to the feeling of pedaling in water- definitely a different sensation to a typical studio spin class. 

In addition to cycling, the class also involved ab and upper body exercises using the bike as a prop. The aquatic tricep dips, crunches and push-ups were quite challenging, and at the same time also quite relaxing. 

Aqua Fit Cycling

The instructor taught us from the poolside, without being on a bike himself. I must admit I couldn’t hear him very well, and had to look around at the other ladies in the class to understand the moves we were being asked to perform. The gym swimming pool is situated under the cavernous railway arches of Cannon Street station, which creates an echo from the music and splashing water. 

Underwater cycling is said to be one of the hottest fitness trends for 2015 and seems like a novel way to cross-train for other sports, or as rehab for an injured athlete. The water supports your body weight so there is no impact on joints. Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, although it was all women in the session I attended.

Thank you to Joe Bloggers and Aqua Fit Pro for the complimentary class.

Have you ever tried Aqua Cycling? Fancy trying a class?

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