My Year of Running 2016

This is my third year taking part in the ‘Year of Running’ link up hosting by Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC. My 2015 and 2014 posts are still…


Year of Running

This is my third year taking part in the ‘Year of Running’ link up hosting by Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC. My 2015 and 2014 posts are still up if you fancy reading them.

It’s been a year of two halves for me in terms of running. I began the year easing back into running after a long period of injury, I had to re-learn how to run and adjust my technique. It didn’t come naturally to me and I found myself frustrated and making little progress. There came a turning point in the summer and I began to enjoy running again. Finally I was able to run pain-free and start making some improvements in my times.

I love to race and 2016 has been a particularly busy year, I’ve completed 17 events…

1x Half-ironman triathlon
2x Olympic distance triathlons
1x Sprint distance triathlon
1x Aquathlon
3x Swimming events
4x Cycling sportives
2x 10km runs
2x 5km runs
24 hour relay race

Best race experience?
My best race experience has to be the Cotswold 113 middle-distance triathlon. This was my goal race for the year which I trained towards and thoroughly enjoyed. The weather was terrible, but I look back on the day with happy memories and a feeling of achievement. Also, I have to mention the Spitfire Scramble 24 hour relay race, whilst my running wasn’t particularly strong, it was an incredibly fun weekend hanging out with friends.

Best run?
I started going to a track session with a new running club at the end of September. I’m amazed at how fast I’m able to run at the track compared to my normal pace, it’s very satisfying seeing 7 min/miles on my Garmin. The sessions are tough, but I’m buzzing at the end and notice improvements in my overall speed.

Best new piece of running gear?
The MilestonePod I reviewed in September is a really useful little gadget. The data is collects is really useful if you are looking to improve your form and technique. However, it still doesn’t seem to be available for purchase in the UK unfortunately.

Running running advice you’ve received this year?
My coach Jon was full of helpful advice when I was working on improving my running technique earlier this year. He explained how shortening my stride and increasing my cadence would put less stress on my joints and reduce injury. It was difficult to re-learn how to run and it is something which is a work in progress, but the drills and exercises he showed me really have helped. I’m looking forward to working with Jon in the New Year on my 2017 triathlon goals.

Most inspirational runner?
I’m always inspired by every day people, who fit running in around work, family, social life. Watching elite athletes compete at the Olympics this summer was incredible, but I relate more to my friends, family and club mates for inspiration.

Favourite picture from a race or run this year?
My finish line photo from the Cotswold 113 makes me smile. Covered in mud, soaking wet and exhausted after 6 and a half hours of swimming, cycling and running, it was amazing to finally see the finish line!

Year of Running

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat?
The Thorpe Park triathlon was great fun, so much so that I’m signing up to race there again in 2017. The location is really unique and I enjoyed the course, it’s perfect for a PB!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?
Technique, progress, fun!

Eat Pray Run DC Year of Running 2016

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy year of running 2017

How was your year of running?


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