My Year of Running 2015

My Year of Running

These end of year reviews are always fun to do, so I was pleased to see that Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC is hosting the ‘Year in Running 2015’ link up again. I say year, but it’s actually been 8 months of running as I’ve not properly run since getting my stress fracture in August. Still I’ve managed to fit in plenty of races (18)- a mixture of running, swimming, cycling and triathlon into 2015…

Best race experience
It’s tough to chose, but I’d say the London Triathlon in August was my favourite race of 2015. I actually didn’t expect to enjoy this event, but it turned out to be amazing from start to finish. I love London and racing in the largest triathlon in the world on a beautiful sunny day alongside my clubmates and husband made for the best race experience. Despite being my slowest Olympic distance, it was definitely the most fun. 

Best run
August was a good month for me, before it all went horribly wrong! The Regent’s Park 10k definitely stands out as my best run. I got a huge PB by 3:26, it was a beautiful morning and the atmosphere in the Royal Park was buzzing. 

Best new piece of running gear

In March, I invested in a Garmin Forerunner 920 XT. As a multi-sport watch it does everything- it records running, swimming, cycling and triathlon and produces so much data. It’s very accurate and easy to use- I’m still finding new functions on it now! Glen’s had watch envy for the past 9 months and today actually ordered his own 920 XT. 

Best running advice you received this year

The advice from my physio to stop crossing my legs, sitting on my leg or sleeping with one leg tucked under me! Sounds crazy, but I had no idea how much damage these habits were doing to my body. I weakened the muscles around my hip which ultimately led to my stress fracture. I’m pleased to say I’ve taken his advice and quit these habits!

Most inspirational runner

I’m inspired by the people I train and race with- my friends from Havering Tri. Some of my clubmates have improved so much with their running (and swimming and cycling) this year through consistency and determination. Some have taken on incredible distances and worked hard towards these races whilst loving every minute of it. Signing up for a half-ironman was something I said I’d never do, but after being inspired by my clubmates, I’m totally ready for the challenge of the Cotswolds 113 next summer. 

Favourite picture from a run or race this year

I have so many pictures which I treasure from this year as they bring back great memories of all the races I’ve done. The Regent’s Park 10k again stands out as I love this picture of me laughing as I approach the finish line. I knew I was on for a huge PB and the Race Director shouted for me to put my arms in the air!

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat

I’m not sure I can chose! Whilst I’ve loved most of 2015’s races, I like to move forward and try different distances and events. I’m not sure that I would repeat a race… 

If you could sum up your year in a few words, what would they be?

Frustrating, fantastic and friends! 

Next year brings lots more opportunities to run and race, now that my stress fracture is healed. I’m excited to go back to my old university city after 10 years and run the Southampton Half-Marathon. I also plan to do a lot more parkruns and of course the Spitfire Scramble will be a fun weekend with four teams from Havering Tri taking part.  

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