Brutal Extreme Triathlon Race Re-Cap

I always plan to write my race re-cap immediately after finishing, while it’s all still fresh in my mind. However, with the Brutal Extreme Triathlon, it’s taken a few weeks to process everything and let… View Post

5 Bulgarian Bag Exercises to Build Full-Body Strength

Another new piece of equipment which my Personal Trainer Emma has introduced to our sessions is a Bulgarian Bag. These horseshoe-shaped bags are filled with sand and feature a range of flexible handles and grips.… View Post

How to overcome your fear of open water swimming

It’s common to have a fear of open water swimming as a newbie (or even experienced) triathlete. Although it’s the shortest part of a triathlon, the swim often causes the most stress and anxiety. There… View Post

5 Wall Ball Exercises to Build Full-Body Strength

When my Personal Trainer Emma gets new equipment, I know I’m in for a tough workout! One of my recent training sessions included a wall ball, which is great for working the core muscles and… View Post

Swim the Arctic Circle- everything you need to know

Swim the Arctic Circle is one of those crazy bucket-list events that has to be experienced once in a lifetime. I heard about it on social media last year and as soon as it opened… View Post

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