How to Eat and Drink While Cycling

Eating and drinking on the move is an essential skill, especially on those longer distance rides where not taking on enough fluids and calories can bring on the dreaded bonk. However, making frequent stops to… View Post

A day in the life

I always really enjoy reading ‘a day in the life’ blog posts. I’m quite nosey and love getting an insight into how other people spend a typical day. I feel like these types of blog… View Post

Joint health for triathletes

It’s fair to say that joint pain is a common complaint in triathletes. The repetitive nature of swimming, cycling and running puts a lot of stress on the joints and the muscles, tendons and tissues… View Post

Brutal Extreme Triathlon Race Re-Cap

I always plan to write my race re-cap immediately after finishing, while it’s all still fresh in my mind. However, with the Brutal Extreme Triathlon, it’s taken a few weeks to process everything and let… View Post

5 Bulgarian Bag Exercises to Build Full-Body Strength

Another new piece of equipment which my Personal Trainer Emma has introduced to our sessions is a Bulgarian Bag. These horseshoe-shaped bags are filled with sand and feature a range of flexible handles and grips.… View Post

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