Is Fabletics worth the hype? An honest opinion

You’ve probably seen a 2 for £24 Fabletics leggings advert appear in your Facebook or Instagram feed, and you’re wondering is Fabletics worth the hype?…

Is Fabletics worth the hype? An honest opinion

You’ve probably seen a 2 for £24 Fabletics leggings advert appear in your Facebook or Instagram feed, and you’re wondering is Fabletics worth the hype? I’m hoping to offer an honest opinion on the brand and their products.

Fabletics- is it worth the hype?

First of all, for transparency, I am a brand ambassador for Fabletics and I do receive a free outfit every month. However, I was a customer of Fabletics before I became an ambassador and will continue to shop with them after our partnership ends. I reviewed an outfit back in 2016 and I’ve been shopping with them ever since. I’d never advocate for a brand unless I would be happy to spend my own money on their products.

Fabletics worth the hype? Fabletics Trinity leggings and Cashel cropped tank

Secondly, Fabletics is not a performance sports apparel brand, it is fashion activewear or ‘athleisure’. My blog is aimed at triathletes, so if you are looking for clothing designed for endurance sport, then Fabletics isn’t the brand for you. Having said that, I have worn Fabletics leggings to run up to a half-marathon distance and they were absolutely fine.

Fabletics have become my go-to choice for running, yoga, pilates, strength training and even just lounging about the house.

Fabletics worth the hype? Kessler leggings and sports bra

Fabletics- the positives

I can honestly say that the quality of Fabletics garments is excellent. The fabrics are soft, durable and breathable. They wash well, maintain their shape and do not fade or bobble. The leggings have enough compression to be supportive, without being too restrictive, plus they are definitely squat proof! I’ve had a pair of Fabletics leggings which I’ve worn regularly since 2016 and they’ve only just formed a hole in the seam after near continuous use. I’d rate them on par with Sweaty Betty and Lululemon for quality.

Fabletics worth the hype? Kinsley hoodie and Mila capri

Size Range
I love that Fabletics cater to a wide range of body types, with sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL. Their website shows photos of the item on models of different heights/sizes so you can get a better idea of how it will look on your body type. For reference, I’m usually an M in Fabletics styles.

The Fabletics design team have really considered the end-user by incorporating pockets into almost every style. They are usually on the sides of leggings or back of a sports bra and are the perfect size to hold a mobile phone. As a former fashion designer and someone who carries a phone while running, I really appreciate this attention to detail.

Fabletics worth the hype? Pocket detail in Mila sports bra

Styles and Colours
The Fabletics aesthetic is very colourful, fun, feminine and playful. They are constantly updating the range with new styles, colours and details. It’s definitely more motivating to get active when you have gorgeous new kit to wear. I’ve certainly experimented with styles outside of my comfort zone, rather than reverting to the same pair of black leggings every time I train!

Fabletics for Men
It seems to be the best-kept secret that Fabletics also have a range of activewear for men! The range includes shorts, T-shirts, vests, hoodies and works on a similar subscription basis to Fabletics for women.

Fabletics- the negatives

Limited range of tops
Fabletics offer a new range of outfits every month, however the top tends to be a sports bra or cropped top. Personally I prefer to keep my stomach covered, so I’d like to see them expand the range of T-shirts and vests in the outfit selections.

Fabletics Kessler sports bra

VIP Membership
One thing to be aware, Fabletics is a subscription service. After placing your first order, you become a VIP member which means you are charged £49 per month and receive your choice of new outfits. However, it is super easy to cancel your membership via their phone or webchat. You can also opt to ‘skip the month’ by the 5th of each month and you won’t be charged. Fabletics receive a lot of criticism and complaints from people who have misunderstood or misread the terms. It’s not a scam or a con, you just simply need to cancel if you don’t wish to pay for a new outfit every month.

Stock levels
During the Coronavirus pandemic, Fabletics have struggled with their stock levels due to supply chain issues. It can be difficult to select a new outfit when much of the stock is unavailable. Their adverts on social media seem to feature styles which are completely out of stock, and it’s disappointing to click through and see your dream pair of leggings are no longer available.

Fabletics Alia tied tank and Sculptknit leggings

As mentioned, Fabletics is a fashion brand so their styles are designed to be stylish and young. Many of their leggings are white or pastel shades, so whilst they look gorgeous, they are completely impractical for a muddy trail run, obstacle course race or anything outdoors. However, for the gym, yoga and home workouts then white leggings can work!

So is Fabletics worth the hype? I’d say yes, providing you understand the VIP membership system and how to cancel.
Of course, I’m going to include a link to the 2 for £24 leggings offer!


  1. What a brilliant review, thanks so much! Like many, I’ve seen their ads pop up and have read a few reviews and almost bought a few times from them, however, at no point did I realise it was a monthly subscription!

    Really, I get if like you, you spend a lot of time in leggings and workout wear, but for the average person going to the gym perhaps 3 times a week, 2 new pairs of leggings every single month seems a bit ott to me.

    It’s really good to know the subscription is easy to cancel, but I can understand people being cross and that the whole subscription model is perhaps easy to miss.

    I love their many designs and also love that they cater for larger ladies – it’s endlessly frustrating as someone who veers between a 14 and a 16 that fitness gear in larger sizes still isn’t particularly easy to come by.

  2. Thanks for this review. I’ve seen the Facebook advert lots of times and have been tempted but always a little bit sceptical of products that pop on Facebook! I love how honest this review is and I might buy some now as I do yoga at home but usually in my pyjamas!xx

    1. Nothing wrong with yoga in your pyjamas at home! I’m the same with being sceptical of Facebook adverts as well!

    2. I’ve always wondered about Fabletics! Some of the designs are super cute and I loveee that they have pockets – I always end up leaving my phone on the machines at the gym so very handy!!!

  3. I’ve heard so many negative things about the Fabletics membership, so it’s great to see an honest review!

    1. Yes there’s a lot of negativity about their VIP membership, but it’s honestly so simple to just cancel or skip the month!

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