Why I love the mountains

Given the choice of spending time in the mountains or on a beach, which would you choose? Apparently, your choice is directly linked to your personality…

Why I love the mountains

Given the choice of spending time in the mountains or on a beach, which would you choose? Apparently, your choice is directly linked to your personality type. Introverts tend to prefer the mountains as they are drawn to secluded, hidden-away places, whereas extroverts like flatter, more exposed terrain. I found this quite an interesting theory and it rings true for me, as I am introverted and I do love the mountains!

Why I love the mountains- Mam Tor

But I think there is more to why I love the mountains, other than my personality type.

Variety of sports and activities

The mountains really are a mecca for active and adventurous travellers. There’s such a wide variety of different sports and activities to enjoy all year round. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to swimming, hiking and cycling in the summer. Sitting still isn’t for me, I love to explore and experience a location- the mountains provide that opportunity in abundance.

One of my favourite memories from the mountains was hiking through dense pine forests and meadows full of wildflowers near to Chamonix, followed by a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lac de Passy. That’s my idea of a perfect day!

Why I love the mountains- view of Mont Blanc

The ultimate challenge

‘Extreme’ triathlons are growing in popularity, so-called because of the tough elevation profile, challenging terrain and weather conditions. Unlike conventional triathlons, these races are usually located in mountainous regions which provide the ultimate challenge. I’m fairly new to extreme races myself, but having finished the Brutal Extreme Triathlon in Snowdon last year, I’m keen to push myself further.

Finishing an extreme triathlon is an achievement like no other. It requires being physically strong, emotionally resilient and mentally focused to overcome the punishing mountainous conditions. You learn to respect the mountains when training or competing in an extreme triathlon- the weather can change and become dangerous at any moment. The mountains are beyond your control.

Why I love the mountains- view from Snowdon

The views

One of the main draws of the mountains is, of course, the stunning scenery. Being surrounded by rugged peaks, picturesque valleys and cascading waterfalls gives the opportunity to appreciate nature at its best. Most mountain areas remain in their natural, unspoiled state away from the human footprint of built-up areas.

The air in the mountains feels fresh and pure, helping you to feel cleansed. Being away from the crowds gives a real sense of peace and freedom. The lakes and streams reflect the mountain ranges, and feel refreshing and invigorating to swim in.

This post was written as part of the AliKat’s Dream of Mountain’s Challenge– a lucky blogger will be chosen to win a chalet holiday in Morzine. Fingers crossed!

Do you prefer the mountains or the beach? What’s your favourite activity to do in the mountains?

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