Self-care tips for the cold weather

It seems like bad timing to write this blog post now when we’ve just had a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather. However, it isn’t…

Self-care tips for the cold weather

It seems like bad timing to write this blog post now when we’ve just had a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather. However, it isn’t quite summer yet and we still have to get through a few more months of cold and dull weather. It’s common to feel depleted and unmotivated when the weather is bad, so self-care becomes even more important.

Here are some self-care tips for the cold weather…

Keep warm

According to new research by E.ON, bad weather causes more than three quarters (77%) of Brits to put off outdoor activities. Personally, I tend to get out and train whatever the weather, but I do struggle to warm up after I’ve been running or cycling in the cold.

I try to avoid hanging around in cold, damp clothes after training and change into dry, warm layers as quickly as possible. Using a smart thermostat means that I can get the house nice and cosy for when I return to avoid the post-workout shivers.

Self-care tips for the cold weather

Take a warm bath

There’s nothing better than soaking in a hot bubble bath after training outdoors in the cold. It warms you up, helps you relax and aids recovery.
I dissolve magnesium flakes in the bath to soothe sore muscles and support a restful nights sleep. Baths are an easy, accessible way to get some wintertime self-care in.

Prioritize sleep

It goes without saying that sleep is essential to our overall health, it helps you to function well during the day and aids in recovery and repair after training. Sleep also helps maintain a balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry or full, so it can aid in maintaining or losing weight.

To ensure you get a good night’s sleep, try to stick to a regular schedule of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Turn off screens and bright lights an hour before bedtime and avoid caffeine before bed.


More than half of the nation (55%) say they want to incorporate exercise into their home routine, so adding some simple stretches into your day is a simple way to achieve this.

Stretching is especially important in the winter months as muscles tense up more in colder temperatures. In the morning it helps to energise you for the day, and in the evening it helps to unwind and relax you before bed.

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  1. I layer up to get outside training in the cold and have great waterproofs for training in wet winter weather, the right kit makes a big difference for winter training. I make sure I have my LED bright light getting me up gently on dark winter mornings, laying out my kit the night before is key so I get out smoothly and have zero excuses

  2. Totally agree! It’s very easy to fall into a cycle of feeling unmotivated, and then losing fitness, and then feeling even more unmotivated! Training with others has been my biggest help this winter. When I know someone is expecting me to be there, I make the effort, which also means eating right so that I’m able to train.

  3. Moisturise & sun block , winter sun can still be harsh, the cold weather can chafe & dry skin. No one wants dry, cracked or sore skin! Enjoy the crisp colder weather (& rain) by wearing appropriate kit.

  4. Buff over my mouth to stop the cold air getting onto my chest. I use my cycling headband for my cold runs as warm ears are a must. Finally; Thermodynamic run leggings from Sweaty Betty, one to save up for! Oh and a good ol’ hot water bottle for warming up afterwards. ‍♀️

  5. Gloves, gloves and more gloves! And buffs. And a running vest under my running too! A magnesium salt bath when I get back, and warming some fresh socks up ready to put on. My diabetes means my circulation is rubbish – can you tell!?

  6. Merino is my favourite base layer material to use as it regulates nicely and even if you get wet it it’s still not uncomfortable. I’ve been using active root for my hydration when training and they say you can have it warm (I haven’t tried it warm myself yet).

  7. Fluffy socks and jumper to change into after a warm shower are my go to lol then sit by the radiator till the blood is flowing again

  8. Whilst I’m out training I tend to be able to cope with colder weather as long as I have a buff around my ears to stop any earache and gloves.
    I am notoriously bad at procrastinating about getting out of cold, sweaty clothes once I’ve finished an outdoor run or cycle because I’ve usually exhausted myself and starving hungry. Recently, my middle ground is strip off and put on a warm fluffy dressing gown and lay on the bed with the heated blanket on, a hot drink and a recovery bar to keep me going until after my shower/bath.

  9. Looking forward to a hot cup of tea is one of the best things about running when it’s rainy and wet. I also wear a visor to keep the rain off my glasses. If it’s an evening run, a nice hot shower, PJ’s on and then sitting on the sofa under a blanket after to help warm up.
    I also find my skin gets very sore from being cold, so I make sure to moisturise lots- if I am heading out on a long run I’ll put some on my face and hands because it seems to help stop my skin from getting so cold and sore.

  10. Hot shower, nice big fluffy bed socks, a couple of cats and a hot mug of tea for when you get in from braving the cold. There is nothing better than those things combined after being out in the elements. Top tip: don’t do what I did today and forget to check the weather so get stuck out in a freezing cold downpour without a waterproof jacket!

  11. We wear base layers three girlfriends we have a hour or half an hour jog before work every morning after a hearty porridge breakfast to keep us warm ,if one us cannot do the morning run we also do a evening run about a hour after tea!
    Plus we do yoga and swimming on a weekend it helps keep us happy & healthy at the same time.

  12. I always have a hoodie ready for after training because I always feel cold afterwards but actually find the stretching easier in the cold coz I’m not so desperate to get in out of the sun

  13. My tip is to use your slow cooker to cook up warm, nourishing food with loads of veg in, so it’s ready for when you get back after your time outside to help you defrost! Makes running and riding in the cold loads easier when you know you’ve got something tasty to come back to.

  14. I have raynards so for me it’s all about keeping as warm as possible. Exercise I find helps me loads which I try and do first thing in the morning. I tend to opt for warm comforting meals and you also can’t beat sipping on a relaxing matcha latte in the evenings too!

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