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The prospect of spending a night in an airport hotel isn’t exactly thrilling. They’re typically a bit grotty, noisy and used as a last resort…



The prospect of spending a night in an airport hotel isn’t exactly thrilling. They’re typically a bit grotty, noisy and used as a last resort in the event of a cancelled flight or overnight layover. Airport hotels aren’t known for their luxurious amenities, nutritious cuisine or stylish design. At least that’s what I thought until I was invited to stay at the Pullman Paris Roissy CDG Hotel.


Pullman are changing the airport hotel experience with their wellness programme designed to help guests maintain their healthy lifestyle whilst travelling. Based on the four pillars of sleep, food, sport and spa, the programme makes wellness accessible to all guests. The initiative was developed in collaboration with Pullman’s Wellness Coach, Sarah Hoey.

Sarah Hoey is a former fitness model and bikini competitor. After recovering from skin cancer ten years ago, she switched her focus to a to a lifestyle of holistic health and wellness.

Sport at Pullman

During my stay, I took part in two yoga classes instructed by Sarah. The first session was a flowing series of asanas designed to energise and revive the jet-lagged traveller. The postures focused on opening the hips and releasing tightness in the back often caused by airline travel. We spent some time in downward dog pose which encourages blood flow to the brain to boost energy. Even after a short flight from London, I felt the tension in my body so this class gave a much-needed release.

How amazing are these graphic printed yoga mats? They were designed by artist Adam Nathaniel Furman to reflect the hotel’s ‘our world is your playground’ mission statement.



The next session was made slightly more challenging with the addition of paddle boards. Exercising in or around water always calms and relaxes me. Balancing on the board whilst moving from postures adds a whole new dimension to the workout, it really engages the core muscles and focuses the mind.


In addition to the classes, Pullman also provide a fitness kit for use in guestrooms. It includes a foam roller, yoga mat, weights, resistance bands and Pilates ring. I love the idea of these items being readily available so that you don’t have to try and fit them in your suitcase when travelling.

Food at Pullman

The menu at the hotel restaurant has also been carefully devised by Sarah and the team of Pullman chefs. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for it’s anti-inflammatory and energizing properties. Everything was fresh, delicious and perfectly presented.

The active breakfast including dishes such as coconut quinoa pudding, homemade granola and roasted grapefruit. Whilst the energizing lunch consisted of black rice risotto, hummus, quinoa makis and fennel carpaccio. All vegetables served in the restaurant are organic and they even make their own honey on-site.


Sarah is a real advocate for the benefits of juicing, so when checking in at a Pullman hotel, guests are offered a choice of freshly squeezed juices. The Anti Jet-Lag juice includes orange for immunity, turmeric to fight fatigue, watermelon for rehydration and banana for muscular recovery.

Sleep at Pullman

Sleep is a fundamental part of wellness, but it can often be disrupted during travel. Pullman aim to help guests have the most restful sleep during their stay. For a hotel so close to the airport, I expected to be disturbed by noise, but the room was completely silent and peaceful. Their mattresses and pillows are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on, and the eye mask and night lip-balm were a nice touch!


Sarah has recorded a short evening yoga routine which helps you wind down from your day and transition towards sleep. The video is available on YouTube and can be followed in the comfort of your hotel room before bed.

Waking up has also been carefully considered. The Lumie Bodyclock lamps beside the guest beds gradually fill the room with natural light and birdsong- a much more gentle way to start the day.

Spa at Pullman

The final pillar of the wellness programme is the spa facilities which are available at the Pullman. Treatments have been designed to detox, invigorate or relax, depending on the needs of the guest. Unfortunately, we didn’t get time to experience any treatments, during our stay but I hear that they are absolutely blissful.

The wellness programme is available at all Pullman Hotels and Resorts worldwide, at no extra cost to guests. Each hotel is putting their own spin on the idea, with running clubs at some locations.


This post is sponsored by AccorHotels (parent company of Pullman Hotels). Photo credit: wearestorytellers

Have you have visited a Pullman Hotel? How do you like to stay healthy and well whilst travelling?

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