Plans and goals for 2018

We’re already a week into the new year, so I’m a little late to the party in terms of setting my intentions for 2018. However…


Plans for 2018

We’re already a week into the new year, so I’m a little late to the party in terms of setting my intentions for 2018. However before time runs away from me any more, I wanted to share my goals for the coming year.

My new year began with a big change- I started a new job in a completely different industry. After my first week, I’m really excited about my role and the company I’ve joined. I expect this year will be more career-focused, as I settle into my new position and contribute to the business.

As well as my career goals, I’ve also got plans for the other areas of my life…

Outlaw Half Triathlon
The main event in my calendar is another half-iron distance triathlon on 20th May. I’m ready to step up the distance again after spending 2017 focused on shorter distance triathlons. If I had to set a time goal, I’d say sub-6:30 based on my previous time at the Cotswold 113 being 6:37. However, I’m wary of comparing two very different courses. Ultimately, I want to enjoy race day and the months of training leading up to it.

More sea swimming adventures
I absolutely loved swimming the Solent in 2017 and the experience really whet my appetite for more saltwater challenges. I haven’t got anything booked in as yet, but I am considering the 6.5km Marnaton in Cadaques, Spain for September- it looks like a beautiful destination.

Try different types of cycling
Recently I tried track cycling which terrified the life out of me! Rather than put me off, it’s actually inspired me to try other forms of cycling. I’m particularly interested in BMX and mountain biking.

Complete my Ride Leadership Award
Next weekend, I’ll be taking the British Cycling Ride Leadership Award which will qualify me to deliver guided bike rides to groups of beginner and intermediate level cyclists. I’ll be putting the training into practice by supporting my triathlon club’s weekly rides.

More travel
My trip to Croatia in September was my first ‘proper’ holiday in 4 years- it reminded me of how much I enjoy travelling with Glen and seeing the world. I’m hoping to go to Lisbon for my birthday in April and then perhaps something else later in the year. I also want to explore more of the UK, in particular, the Lake District.

I’m also keen to set a few mini-goals throughout the year, like my 7 swims in 7 days challenge.

Other than these goals, I’m happy to go with the flow. Sometimes unexpected opportunities arise and they turn out to better than anything I could have planned. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be an amazing year and I’m excited to see what the next 12 months will bring.

What are your goals for 2018?


  1. Great list!

    P.s. Definitely visit the Lake District! Wait till around May/June till the weather picks up and you can make the most of the walks and boat tours around Windermere and Derwent Water. You won’t regret it 🙂

  2. I’ve just seen on your feed that you went to Mile End parkrun- I went there the weekend before Christmas! I really liked the green bridge there- so clever for the park to carry on like that.
    Travel is always a good goal to have- I don’t have anything booked at the moment but hopefully soon we’ll book a weekend in Brighton.

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