Guest Post: 5 Ways to Stay Safe on the Bike

Today, I’ve got a guest post from Angus King who blogs at Cyced. Angus works for British Cycling and runs Cyced in his free time…


Stay safe on bike

Today, I’ve got a guest post from Angus King who blogs at Cyced. Angus works for British Cycling and runs Cyced in his free time to help beginner and amateur cyclists get up to speed with cycling. His site is full of tips, guides, routes and features, check it out particularly if you are local to Shropshire, Gloucestershire or South Wales.

Here’s Angus…

I feel pretty fortunate to provide an article on Lucy’s blog. After reading her story, I have a long way to go in accomplishing as much for my own personal fitness goals. But I do love a cycle.

It was out in the Spanish hills that I discovered my passion for cycling. As a result, all I seem to talk about nowadays is bikes, and the only things I tend to get for Christmas’ are cycling gifts. Although that’s not a bad thing!

I tend to commute through Manchester and enjoy the road adventures in Shropshire and the Cotswolds, but with cycling law and safety in hot debate I find myself having to reassure newer cyclists that it’s safe and just take the necessary steps to reduce the risk.

Here are my top 5 tips to stay safe on the bike:

1. Get seen. This is a very obvious one, but remember to wear high vis clothing in the darker months, and to put on bike lights. That includes a rear light and a front light. You can go even further with wheel lights too, but they aren’t a necessity.

2. Signal. Much like every other vehicle on the road, you need to signal where you are intending to go, be it if you’re turning left or right. It’s comes down to being predictable. The more predictable you are, the less chance another road user will second guess.

3. Follow the road laws. A lot of cyclists I see like to take it upon themselves to skip red lights or pull out close to the curb at junctions. Clearly avoiding these illegal manoeuvres will significantly make you more safe.

4. Be patient. This is the big one in my opinion. Lots of cyclists like to weave in and out of traffic and ride up the side of lorries and buses. These are perhaps the most dangerous environments of them all as often drivers won’t see you coming. Ensure you’ve got space, and keep an eye out as to where vehicles are heading.

5. Wear a helmet! Whilst some will argue that you’re less likely to get knocked off your bike than have an accident in your car, why risk it? Just that extra barrier of protection that if the unlikely happens, means you’re extra safe.

Stay safe on the bike

What are your tips to stay safe on the bike?


  1. Great post. One of my pet peeves as a walker, and one time cyclist (shoulder issues put paid to that for a while) is cyclysts, usually young men, who wear dark clothes, no helmet and not a light in sight during the darker hours. So dangerous, for them and others.

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