Recovering from race season

The triathlon season is coming to an end for another year. Unless you still have a very late season race, chances are your calendar is…


Recovering from race season

The triathlon season is coming to an end for another year. Unless you still have a very late season race, chances are your calendar is now looking a bit bare. The medals have been hung up and the wetsuit packed away until next summer.

The off-season is a chance to rest, recuperate and repair your body. Depending on how frequently you’ve raced, it is advised to take 1-2 weeks off from formal training- some coaches even recommend an entire month. Of course, some athletes find it difficult to break from routine, but pushing through to next season can result in mental burnout and injuries. We underestimate the toll that racing takes on our bodies and minds.

Use the time to reflect on your race season- celebrate your achievements and consider the areas which could be improved. Did you accomplish your goals? There’s always something to be learned from every race- start planning ahead for next season using the knowledge you’ve gained.

If you’ve been plagued with niggles or injuries, now is the time to book a physio appointment and work on strengthening those areas. Focus on core work and flexibility. A gait analysis at this time of year is also worthwhile.

Catch up on sleep- make the most of not having to get up at 5am to race!

Relaxing spa breaks are perfect for recovering from race season and switching off both mentally and physically. Treat yourself to a much deserved massage and chill in the jacuzzi rather than ploughing up and down the pool.

Spend time with friends and family- we are all guilty of neglecting our social lives during an intense race season! Shift your focus away from triathlon and catch up on the projects that you’ve been too busy for. Try different activities which complement triathlon- mountain biking, yoga, pilates, hiking. Keep active and get outdoors without the mindset of training for a race.

After a period of rest, it’s time to get back into some unstructured, easy training. Make your sessions shorter than normal and at a lower intensity, with a focus on technique as you head into winter training.
Personally, I’m enjoying a well-deserved break from swimming and cycling. I’ve raced in 6 triathlons this summer, plus a 24-hour relay race and my big swim so it’s definitely time for a rest. I’m still running three times a week, with the focus on an Autumn half-marathon but I’m not being coached until the new year. I’ve got a much-needed holiday to Croatia coming up, where I plan to relax on the beach and in the spa then I’ll ease back into training when I return. Around this time of year, I like to volunteer at a few races and try out some different outdoor activities. I’ll see my physio for an end-season MOT and begin to plan for next season.
Written in collaboration with Champneys.
How are you recovering from race season? What are your plans for the off-season?


  1. My friend completed Ironman Wales in Tenby and booked a holiday cottage in Tenby to recover for a week post race. I am not an athlete by any means. A days hike is enough for me.

    Sarah | WildDunk Camping

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