Triathlon training with a partner

One of my favourite things about triathlon is being able to share the love of this sport with my husband Glen. I’m quite fortunate that…


Triathlon Training with a Partner

One of my favourite things about triathlon is being able to share the love of this sport with my husband Glen. I’m quite fortunate that he embraces a lifestyle of swim, bike and run as much as I do, and we are able to train and race together. Sharing our challenges and accomplishments has brought us closer as a couple. We’re both members of the same triathlon and running clubs, plus we plan our race season together so that we are working towards the same goal.

Endurance sports can put a strain on relationships if one partner spends more time at the pool or out the streets than at home. It’s a balancing act of fitting in family time alongside training. I often hear about ‘triathlon widows’ complaining that their husbands are never home!

Whilst we do still train alone, I generally prefer to swim, cycle and run with Glen- here’s why…

  • Training with a partner can make a huge difference to motivation and accountability. It would be tempting to skip training when I’m tired, but knowing that Glen will be there keeps me focused. Getting up for a 6am swim is far easier when I’m not doing it alone.
  • Glen’s much faster and stronger than me in all three disciplines, so it creates an extra challenge to try and keep up with him. When we cycle together, he tends to lead and I just aim to keep him in eyesight! It’s good speedwork for me, but an easier ride for him.
  • Riding and running with a partner also has the added benefit of increased safety. If something were to happen, at least I wouldn’t be alone to deal with it. Two sets of eyes and ears mean that you are more aware of your surroundings and any potential danger. Glen is great at repairing punctures meaning that I can leave this job to him!
  • Having my husband waiting and cheering at the finish line always gives me the boost to go for a sprint finish. It’s always an amazing feeling to finish a race and it’s made even better if you’re supported by your partner.

Triathlon Training with a partner

  • We celebrate each others success. On several occasions, Glen has won his age group or placed in the top three so I’m always incredibly proud of his results. Whilst I’m no where near as talented as my husband, I have my own small victories which he always he always acknowledges.
  • Training can be a chance to spend quality time together outdoors. We will often plan a weekend break or day trip, which involves swimming, cycling and running. We get to experience new places together which we both enjoy.
  • Triathlon is an expensive sport and to people outside the community it can be shocking how much we actually spend. It’s a long-standing joke that triathletes tell a little white lie to their partners about how much their bikes really cost. Fortunately I don’t have to hide my triathlon spending from Glen and I know exactly how much his bike cost!
  • The fact that we both do triathlon makes us more understanding and supportive of each other when things aren’t going as well. We both appreciate how frustrating it can be to have an injury or a poor performance in a race.
  • Plus Glen looks hot in Lycra- riding behind him is never a bad thing!

Hopefully we are proof that the couple who trains together, stays together.

Triathlon training with a partner

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Post written in collaboration with Sport Partner

Is your partner into the same sport as you? Do you prefer training alone or with a partner?


  1. I like the idea of that website! I think it is great that you train together and have a common love for the sport. I have run with Andy a few times but he sees running as a necessary evil so only trains if we have a race coming up- I think the last half marathon we did might well be his last one! I run much slower than him so running together didn’t usually end well apart from when he paced me to my sub hour 10k (and then he was alarmed by my heavy breathing!)- now he goes for breakfast while I race (if he is there) and brings me a cup of tea for the finish line which is a bonus!

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