How to Stay Fit Whilst on Holiday

If you’re planning a trip away but want to stay on top of your fitness routine, here a few tips and tricks to help you…


Stay Fit Whilst on Holiday

If you’re planning a trip away but want to stay on top of your fitness routine, here a few tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Pack some equipment

Of course you won’t want to overload your luggage with weights but why not pack some light exercise equipment such as suspension straps, a yoga mat or a skipping rope? Skipping is effective for cardio and agility, and a rope can be taken anywhere and used whenever you feel energetic. The same can be said for a yoga mat- it’s one of the most portable pieces of exercise equipment around, and it means you can head to the beach as the sun goes down to work on your core.

Stay Fit Whilst on Holiday

Ditch public transport

One of the easiest ways to incorporate some exercise into your holiday is to ditch public transport and instead opt to discover the place by foot or by bike. Not only will this get your heart pumping, but it is often the best way to see some of the sights that your chosen destination has to offer. Another easy tip is to opt for stairs over escalators- you’ll be surprised at just how many calories this can shed!

Think outside of the box

Use nature as your gym; it’s easy. If you’re on a beach holiday, head to the sand for a jog or the sea for a swim. A holiday is the perfect time to try something new, so why not try your hand at water sports like surfing or snorkelling while you can? Alternatively, cities and the countryside will have parks or wide open spaces where you can hike, jog or bike.

Use the hotel pool or gym

Research where you’re staying and whether or not it has a pool or a gym. If so, there’s nothing stopping you from fitting in a few laps of the pool or a 20-minute cardio session on the treadmill before meals. If you need the gym to do your workouts, look into getting a short-term pass for a local gym.

Stay Fit Whilst on Holiday

Avoid binges and cravings

A holiday is an ideal opportunity to relax and unwind, but this doesn’t mean that you should give in to all of your unhealthy food cravings. For example, something as simple as making a smart food swap by opting for grilled and baked dishes over those that are fried can significantly decrease your calorie intake. If you’re travelling to a hot country, you should always make sure that you are hydrated as this can keep your energy levels high and keep unwanted cravings at bay.

Round up a team

Team sports are a great way to keep fit, have fun and meet new people. Round up your family and friends and suggest a game of tennis, volleyball or football on the beach. More often than not, the competitive element of a game can make you feel more motivated than if you were to work out alone.

Try a health retreat

In recent years, bootcamp retreats have become a popular way for people to maintain their fitness levels while being on holiday with a group of like-minded people. Prestige Bootcamp offers health retreats in Portugal, Spain and across areas of the UK where you can benefit from fun and challenging workouts, fitness sessions and nutritional advice all in luxury accommodation.

Posted in collaboration with Prestige Bootcamp.

How do you like to stay fit whilst on holiday? Are you going away this summer?


  1. Great article. I’ve only ever been disappointed by the gyms at hotels. They are never of any decent quality to get a workout in. I wish there was a way I could pack my gym in my suitcase with me! haha

  2. I think your biggest tip that carries the most weight for me,(excuse the pun) is the don’t binge!! I see so many people work hard to get ready for their holidays, to look and feel good and then on holiday, they trash their bodies with the wrong stuff and by doing this you are not in the mood to do any exercises at all, so that is just my 2cents about that! Thanks for an awesome post and site, really like your reads

  3. on a related note to your first point – I definitely recommend taking resistance bands and some sort of foam roller (we have a ‘stick’ which is more portable) on ski trips (probably other ‘active’ holidays too)

  4. Some great tips here. I really like walking when I am on holiday- like you say you can see a lot more sights that way, and take your time. If I am on holiday in the UK (or a country abroad with one) I would always see if there is a parkrun nearby too, as it’s great to fit in some tourism that way!
    I am going to Austria for a week- lots of walking then. I also have a week in France so I’ll be taking my running things for that holiday and will have a couple of pre-breakfast runs hopefully.

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