Off-Season Training

Off Season Training

The triathlon season is now coming to a close for 2015. I’ve packed away my wetsuit and I have no more races on the horizon until next year. Of course, I won’t stop training but I will change the way I approach my workouts for the next few months.

I’ve linked up with CynthiaPhaedra and Courtney for Tri Talk Tuesday (although I am a day late)! The topic for this week is the Off Season, so we are sharing our plans now that the racing season is over…

Celebrate the accomplishments of the year
Now is a good time to reflect on the achievements from the season, I’ve had some fantastic races as have many of my friends from my triathlon club. I’ll be considering my strengths and weaknesses from this season, and using that to shape how I approach my 2016 season. Us Havering Tri ladies are going out for ‘Afternoon Tea’ next weekend to celebrate with a few glasses of champagne!  

Try new activities
I plan to try out some different fitness classes and activities which I didn’t quite have time to fit into my schedule over the summer. I’m excited to mix things up a little and see what is new on the London fitness scene. I feel a little out of the loop, as I’ve been so focused on swimming, cycling and running for the past year! 

Work on technique
Swimming will be my main focus during the off-season, particularly technique and speed. I usually swim twice a week, but I aim to increase that to 3-4 times a week with the focus being on intensity rather than endurance. I’ve already began early morning swimming before work, to adapt my schedule around pool opening hours- it feels great to fit in a training session before my working day has started. 

Strength training
I’ve been been focused on strength training throughout this year, through working with a PT and more recently with a physiotherapist. It’s important not let this slip during the off-season particularly as I’m still rehabbing an injury. I’ve lost a lot of fitness while I’ve been out with an injury, so I’ll be gradually rebuilding my base again.

What are your plans for the off season? Which fitness classes should I try out? 

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