Why I Tri

I’m proud to be an ambassador for Women for Tri, a scheme set up by Ironman which champions the participation of women in the sport…

Why I Tri

I’m proud to be an ambassador for Women for Tri, a scheme set up by Ironman which champions the participation of women in the sport of triathlon.

As part of being an ambassador, we are encouraged to share the reasons #whywetri. I have a long list of reasons why I am involved in this fantastic sport…

I tri because it pushes me outside of my comfort zone, challenges my limits and forces me to face my fears.

I tri because every race is an accomplishment, no matter the distance or the time taken to complete it.

I tri because I believe in myself and I can achieve anything I set out to accomplish.  

I tri because I’m proud to be part of a special club which supports our members and welcomes newcomers.

I tri because I’m inspired by the strength, determination and perseverance of my clubmates, particularly those who balance training with family, work and a social life. 

I tri because I feel like a superhero in my wetsuit!

I tri because my training takes me to amazing places. Training camp in Lanzarote was a real highlight of the year for me.

I tri because crossing the finish line is such a buzz.

I tri because it’s three times as fun when you swim, bike and run!

I tri because I want my body to be strong, powerful and fit.

I tri because I’m obsessed with adding to my collection of medals!

I tri because I can participate in this sport with my husband- supporting, encouraging and motivating each other.

I tri because I’m inspired by superstar female triathletes such as Chrissie Wellington.

I tri because I love to be an inspiration to others.

I tri because training has become part of my lifestyle, I thrive off the routine and structure.

I tri because it helps me to keep nutrition as a priority and fuel my body right. 

I tri because it helps me appreciate the great outdoors- the scenic countryside cycles, beautiful lake swims and gorgeous trail runs. 

I tri because life is short. Go after your dreams while you still can!

I tri because bad weather isn’t going to stop me!

I tri because of the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made through this sport.

I tri because I’m proud of how far I’ve come. From being unable to swim or ride a bike not so long about, now I’ve completed two Olympic distance triathlons.

I tri because I love following the journeys of other bloggers who’ve taken up the triathlon challenge.

I tri to raise money for charity and causes I believe in.

I tri because I can. Some people are not able to because of disability or illness. 

Share with me the reasons why you tri!

Why I Tri

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