Half-Iron Triathlon Training Weeks 9-12

Triathlon Training

Twelve weeks in, eleven weeks to go until race day! I’m now over half-way through my training for the Cotswold 113 middle-distance triathlon. You can catch up on weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-8 here.

The past month of training has been full of ups and downs. I’ve been back on form after being ill last month and I’ve had some great, confidence boosting training sessions. 

When I saw a continuous 3km swim on my training plan, I hoped my coach had made a typo! I found it very daunting to swim this distance continuously and doubted I would be able to complete it. I texted him to make sure and he confirmed it was the correct distance and it would help to build aerobic conditioning. I did as I was told and got on with the session- the lengths actually seemed to fly past and I completed the 3km in 1:10. It was a real boost to have comfortably swam my furthest distance without stopping, I felt buzzing after getting out of the pool.

Bringing myself crashing back down to earth (literally), I managed to fall over on my minute run/walk session. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I landed hard on the pavement with nasty bruises and cuts on my hands and knees. Fortunately no one saw and I was able to carry on with the session, although my leggings were soaked in blood!

I’m still suffering with shin splints and struggling with my running. I’m still having to run/walk and cannot get further than 3-4 miles without being in a lot of pain. I’m working with my coach and physio to improve my glute strength and increase my running cadence, thereby putting less stress on my lower legs. I’ve also seen a podiatrist to have inserts in my shoes to support the arches of my incredibly flat feet. It feels overwhelming sometimes to completely start from scratch with my running and sometimes I doubt I’ll be able to complete the 13.1 mile run portion of my half-ironman. Still I am plugging away with it and trying not to get disheartened.

My sessions on the BKool have been as sweaty and challenging as ever. I completed a 15km time trial which I found a real struggle. Turns out I had a flat tyre- I’d made hard work for myself by adding extra resistance! A lesson learned to always check my tyre pressure before riding. 

I also got out for a short bike ride on my own during the past month. I tend to ride in a group with my club, so it was a new challenge to cycle solo. 

Here’s how my training has looked for the past month: 

Week 9
Monday: Rest (sick)
Tuesday: Rest (sick)
Wednesday: 30 minute run/walk (2.6 miles)
Thursday: 45 minute turbo trainer session (16.2 miles)
Friday: 45 minute swim (1.9km)
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim, then 30 minute core session
Sunday: 30 minute run (3 miles)

Week 10
Monday: 70 minute swim (3km)
Tuesday: 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: 45 minute run/walk (4 miles)
Thursday: 45 minute turbo trainer session (12 miles)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim, then 30 minute core session
Sunday: 86 minute bike ride (21 miles)

Week 11
Monday: 60 minute swim (2.4km)
Tuesday: 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 50 minute turbo trainer session including 15km time trial, then 45 minute run/walk (3.8 miles)
Friday: 11 minute swim (500m)
Saturday: 30 minute core session
Sunday: 53 minute Swimathon (2.5km)

Week 12
Monday: 32 minute run/walk (3 miles)
Tuesday: 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: 30 minute turbo trainer session (11.3 miles)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 45 minute swim (1.8km) then 20 minute run (1.9 miles)
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim
Sunday: 150 minute bike ride (37.2 miles)

How is your training going? Have you ever fallen over whilst running?

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