Triathlon Race Day Checklist

It’s fair to say that for a triathlon you need to pack quite a lot of kit.

I’m preparing for the London Triathlon this Sunday, and thought I’d put together a comprehensive list of the kit I’ll be packing.

Some of these items are dependent on the weather, ie: suncream, and some will depend on individual preference. Sometimes the race will provide a swimming cap, but you might prefer to wear your own underneath.

I’d recommend taking some bin sacks to chuck wet kit into after the race, and I’d also suggest an old pair of flip-flops. Sometimes you have to walk across rough ground towards the swim start so you can wear old flip-flops and leave them behind.

Safety pins might not be necessary, it depends on the type of race belt you will be using. You might also collect your race numbers and bib on the day, but for the London Triathlon we received them in advance.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend and let me know if I’ve forgotten anything!

 Triathlon Race Day Checklist

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