Confessions of a Fitness Blogger

I loved the recent fitness blogger confessions from Fiona, Sarah and Natasha, so decided to share some of my own truths from behind the screen. With the Daily Mail‘s claims that all fitness bloggers are over-exercisers with an obsessive diet, I think it’s important for me to represent balance and honesty on Paddle Pedal Pace. My blog is about sharing my fitness goals and achievements with the aim to inspire others, but I’m far from perfect…

I don’t love yoga
Despite my job as manager of a Bikram Yoga studio, I’ve not actually taken a yoga class since last October. I enjoy Bikram Yoga, but I don’t love it in that way that I love swimming, cycling and running. Yoga tends to fall by the wayside when my days are busy with triathlon training. And that’s OK, I think we all have to find the type of exercise we enjoy most for it to be sustainable. 

I drink too much Diet Coke

It’s not something I’m proud of, but I drink copious amounts of Diet Coke, like 2 litres a day. I know it’s terrible for me, I know it has no nutritional value, I know it’s expensive. I know. I’ve tried to quit several times and I’ve even gone six months without, but I enjoy it too much to give up long-term. I eat a wholesome diet, but fizzy drinks are the one downfall in my healthy lifestyle. 

I don’t cook

You won’t see any perfectly presented meals on my Instagram, in fact I rarely blog about nutrition or recipes. My husband does all the cooking in our house, he is a great cook and enjoys it, whereas I only create basic meals when I have to. I’m not particularly interested in sharing pictures of my meals on social media, I find it a little boring to be honest! 

I’m overweight and I’m OK with it

I’ve written about my recent weight gain and the fact that I’m not really in any rush to lose the extra pounds. I’m happy and confident in my body despite being overweight. If you are looking for a toned, chiseled physique for fitness inspiration, this is not the right blog for you! My weight doesn’t hold me back, I’m healthy, active and fit, although I don’t look like your typical #fitspo. 

I’m not a marathoner/ultra-marathoner/Ironman

I’m in awe of all my friends and fellow bloggers who have completed a marathon/ultra or Ironman. It’s a huge achievement and I admire the amount of dedication that goes into training. But it’s not for me. Endurance events have no appeal for me right now, I’m happy with my Olympic distance triathlons. Saying that, I may be considering an half-ironman for next year!

I look a mess most of the time!

When I worked in fashion I was conscious of having my hair perfectly groomed, stylish clothes and perfect make-up and nails. These days you’ll find me covered in bike grease, goggle marks around my eyes, sweaty hair squashed under a cycling helmet and dodgy tan lines! It’s not glamorous or attractive, but I’m doing what I enjoy and couldn’t care less what I look like! 

What are your fitness blogger confessions?

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