Review of 2014 and Goals for 2015

So Christmas is over, and within a few days we will be in to a new year.  It seems that everyone is reflecting on the…


So Christmas is over, and within a few days we will be in to a new year. 
It seems that everyone is reflecting on the past year, and planning ahead for the next 12 months. These posts are a little cliche, but I think it’s important to review and re-assess before moving forward…

2014 has been an amazing year, I’ve achieved so much. In the last 12 months I’ve…

  • Completed my first half-marathon, then another two half-marathons.
  • Joined a triathlon club, and trained regularly/consistently with them.
  • Completed my first sprint triathlon, then another two triathlons.
  • Swam in open-water for the first time, and loved it!
  • Taken part in four aquathlons.
  • Learned to ride a road-bike with clipless pedals.
  • Completed my first cycling sportive.
  • Achieved a new personal best for a 10km run.
  • Changed careers to work in fitness and managed a successful indoor cycling and Bikram Yoga studio for the past 8 months.
  • Qualified as an indoor cycling instructor.
  • Turned 30 and celebrated with a fantastic week in New York.
  • Bought a new home and (almost) completed refurbished it.
  • Quit drinking Diet Coke (again!)
  • Been featured in a local magazine twice.

Review of 2014 Goals

I’m not into making ‘new year, new you’ type resolutions, but I did set some goals at the beginning of 2014. As the months have passed, some of my priorities have changed and the goals I set in January have become less important. Opportunities have come up which I could not have predicted and plans have changed. It’s important for me to go with the flow and not feel I have to stick rigidly to a plan. 

-Run 12 races in 12 months
I’ve smashed this one! I’ve actually done 16 races this year, a mixture of different distances and disciplines. I love admiring my medal collection (and commemorative mug!)

-Try a parkrun
I’ve now done 3 parkruns this year, at two different locations. It’s always tricky to fit in, as I have swim training on Saturday mornings. On a few occasions, swimming has been cancelled so I’ve made it to parkrun. 

-Get a new Personal Best
I got a new PB for 10km distance at We Own the Night in May- 56:30. My 5km PB still stands at 27:00 from June 2012!

-Try different styles of yoga
Yoga is something which has become less of a priority to me recently. I still fit in the occasional class, but I haven’t really explored the practice as much as I had intended at the start of 2014. I have tried new styles including jivamukti, but I still haven’t made it to that anti-gravity yoga class yet!

-Learn to dive
My coached swim sessions haven’t really focused on diving this year. We have had two or three sessions which included diving, and I’m pleased to say that my technique has definitely improved. I’m still not exactly a graceful dolphin! But I don’t ‘belly-flop’ as badly as before. Something to continue working on in 2014.

-Get back in to weight-training
Weight-training has fallen by the wayside again this year. I’ve intended to work with a Personal Trainer, but have struggled to find someone who is affordable and can create a tailored triathlon-specific plan for me. I’ve done a few strength sessions on my own, but haven’t really been consistent enough to see any major benefits. I’m not disheartened, it’s something I want to work on going forward.

Goals for 2015

For the coming year, I’ve got a few ideas of goals I’d like to achieve, but at the same time I’m open to opportunities and willing to see what comes up for me… 

-Complete 3-4 Olympic distance triathlons
I’m stepping up to Olympic distance triathlons for next summer (1500m swim/40km bike/10km run). I’ve signed up for: ITU Hyde Park triathlon (May), Cardiff Triathlon (June) and Hever Castle Triathlon (September). I’m also considering a fourth Olympic distance triathlon for July/August. The distance feels challenging but achievable, with the training I’ll put in over the next 5 months. I do have a time-based goal in mind, but I’ll keep that quiet until nearer the time! 

-Make the most of training camp in Lanzarote
In March, I’m off to Club La Santa in Lanzarote for a week’s intensive triathlon training with a group from Havering Tri. It’s set to be pretty full-on with coached swim, bike and run sessions every day, and mini-triathlons taking place throughout the week. The cycling routes will take us over the volcanic terrain of the island (ie: very hilly), so I’m expecting it to be a very challenging week. I’m determined to make the most of the training camp, to put me in good stead for my summer triathlons. 

-Learn to tumble-turn
One swimming technique which I am absolutely hopeless at is tumble-turning. I tend to go off at a tangent and end up facing the wrong direction! My coach has advised me to practice somersaulting over a lane rope to get a feel for the movement. By the end of the year, I want to have mastered the tumble-turn!

-See a physio
I’ve got a few niggles in my shins, knees, ankles, feet… basically everywhere! It’s been pointed out that I rotate my foot inwards as I lift it off the ground (not to be confused with pronating). I need to get this looked at, and perhaps some strengthening exercises to avoid this problem. I’ve been putting off seeing a physio (the cost!) but I know it is necessary to improve my running technique and avoid injury.

-Focus on cycling
I’m due to get a new road bike any day now (so excited)! I’m really keen to put in more miles on the roads, as cycling is my weakest triathlon discipline. I’m signed up for a 39-mile sportive in early February, as well as a Breeze ride this coming weekend. I’d also like to cycle down to Brighton as a training session with some clubmates. Hill training is another area of focus for the coming year.

What are your fitness plans/goals for next year?

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