Weekly Re-Cap 17 & 18

17th- 23rd February

Monday- Kickasana class

Tuesday- 5 mile run

Wednesday- Rest and sports massage

Thursday- Rest and physio exercises

Friday- 4 mile run and physio exercises 

Saturday- 5 mile walk 

Sunday- HALF MARATHON! (plus 5 mile walk) 

24th February- 2nd March

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 45 minute swimming lesson

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Rest 

Saturday-Nike Training Club, plus 3.5k run

Sunday- 90 minute Bikram Yoga class

I’ve had a few easy weeks, both leading up to and after my half marathon. In fact this week, I’ve been very lazy taking 4 rest days- not my usual style! I’ve felt a little lost this week now that my half-marathon is over and I’ve not had a training plan to follow. I’ve spent a lot of the week resting and recovering- now I’m ready to get back to it! 

It was good to get back to Nike Training Club, a class I’ve not done in a while, and Elle from Keep It Simpelle was teaching, so was lovely to put a face to a name at last. I went back to Bikram Yoga, another class I’ve missed for a while- it was great to sweat it out in the hot room again. 

In more exciting news, I’ve been moved up to the advanced class in swimming, which means I will now train on Saturday mornings with the triathlon group. I’ve been toying with the idea of triathlon for a while, and recently found out that my swimming instructor’s partner runs a triathlon club. I’ll be joining the triathlon club for a run tomorrow evening, then cycling with them (once I get a decent bike, spinning in the meantime!) 

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