Throughout February, Sweaty Betty held four complimentary fitness classes in London’s world re-owned Selfridges store as part of their Festival of Imagination. The classes entitled Kickasana were a collaboration with Kick Studio, an East London based boxing gym. 

Kickasana is a system of exercise based on Muay Thai boxing and yoga sequences.The classes focus on breathing, visualisation, posture correction, short intense burst of cardio and low impact dynamic stretches. 

I was lucky enough to get a place on the final class of the month, and I was keen to experience the Imaginarium space within Selfridges, plus find out more about this new fitness concept. The class was taught by the founder of Kick Studio- Sophie Pittaway- she began by explaining the idea behind Kickasana whilst passing around Thai oil to be massaged into our calves, shins, arms and shoulders. The oil is a warming agent used by Muay Thai fighters to prepare the body for strenuous activity and aid recovery. 

Sophie asked us to spend a few moments focusing on our intention for the class, our goals for mind and body, and our breathing. We moved into a series of yoga poses to warm-up for the class and help focus our minds on the session ahead. The boxing element of the class came into play with jabs, hooks, uppercuts and blocks whilst remaining light on our feet in a boxing stance. Each high-intensity martial arts drill was interspersed with gentle relaxing yoga asanas to ease out the muscles we had worked. 

We worked in partners to practice our attack and defence, as well as helping each other to stretch more deeply. Towards the end of the class, the group formed a circle and we lunged forward to ‘attack’ our opponent before moving back into place to perform squats, calf raises and pulsing leg exercises. We ended with a relaxing and restoring savasana. 

Kickasana was certainly a challenge and I enjoyed the change of pace between cardio and yoga. Selfridges Imaginarium provided an interesting location for the class, I loved working out inside the iconic department store, despite it being very hot from the lighting! Sweaty Betty offered us lovely goody bags with a water bottle, headband, runners wristband and the latest catalogue. 

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