Tour de France: Nutrition, Bikes and Brands

The 103rd Tour de France is now well underway, with a route covering a total distance of 3519 kilometres over 3 weeks. The 21 stages comprise of nine mountain stages, one hilly stage, nine flat stages, two time trials plus two rest days. Four countries will be visited this year which are France, Spain, Andorra and Switzerland.

I’m quite fascinated by the incredible history, logistics, riders and bikes in the world’s largest annual sporting event. Have you ever wondered how many calories the riders burn or their average speed? These infographics from Science in Sport and Formby Cycles detail the fueling, bikes and brands of the Tour de France.

How To Fuel a Grand Tour – An infographic by the team at Science In Sport

103 Years: The Bikes of Le Tour de France Infographic

Post in collaboration with Science in Sport and Formby Cycles.


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  1. July 19, 2017 / 7:41 am

    Couple this with eating on the bike, ensuring adequate hydration and recovery, moving between hotels and the sheer length of the Tour and you’ve got a mammoth task on your hands.

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