Product Review: Sass Intimate Care

Something that no one tells you as a newcomer to cycling, is how uncomfortable it can be for your ‘lady parts’. I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of chafing, soreness and discomfort since taking up cycling last year!

The world of padded shorts, chamois cream and female-specific saddles is something I’ve been exploring in order to have the most comfortable ride. 

The girls behind intimate skincare brand Sass sent me a beautifully packaged selection of products from their sportive range. The products are designed for sporty women who don’t want to be held back by ‘intimate discomfort’ whilst taking on their next challenge. I’ve got to admire the brand for tackling a slightly taboo subject and producing products which are essentially for a ‘sore fanny’!

I tested out the Intimate Protection Barrier Cream which is to be applied before intense exercise to reduce skin friction and provide hydration. I’ve used this cream before several long bike rides and I’m happy to report that it has certainly made a difference in terms of reducing chafing. The cream is a thinner consistency than other chamois creams and applies easily to the skin without leaving any residue. Chamois creams are generally developed for unisex use, so Sass pride themselves on developing the only female-specific cream. 

After training, I used the Intimate Recovery Serum which is said to soothe, cool and moisturize post-workout skin. I wouldn’t usually have purchased a product of this type, but I have been using it regularly and do find it refreshing after cycling. 

I love how the products are presented in stylish, discreet tubes which do not immediately shout ‘fanny cream’. You could almost mistake these for a facial cleanser or body lotion when they are displayed on your bathroom shelf.

The products are stocked at Boots and Sweatshop as well as several other retailers. The Barrier Cream is priced at £14 and the Recovery Serum is £16. I’d generally pay around £8-£10, so these are a little on the pricey side, but I only use a small amount for each application so I expect the products will last for a while. 

Sass Products were sent for review, but all opinions are my own.

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