Weekly Re-Cap 15

Monday- Track Running Session- 1600m repeats (with 200m recovery)

Tuesday- Rest and physio exercises

Wednesday- POP Pilates: Inner Thighs and POP Pilates: Inner Thighs and Runner’s Calves and 45 minute swimming lesson

Thursday-45 minute Treadmill Interval Pyramids and sumo squats and lunges with weights, plus Physio Exercises

Friday- 45 minute Spinning Class at Boom Cycle

Saturday- 10.2 mile run 

Sunday- 2 hour walk and physio exercises 

Lots of interval training this week- both on the treadmill, at the track, in the pool and on the spinning bike! 

I’ve been enjoying the range of yoga and pilates videos on You Tube, I find them perfect for fitting in a quick workout. I did a pilates video on Wednesday before my swimming lesson, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster! The pilates worked my calves HARD, they felt really tense afterwards, so much so that I got a bad cramp in the pool and had to drag myself out of the water and stretch! I think the instructors wondered why I suddenly started sinking to bottom of the pool half-way along the length, and came up yelping in pain! I left my swimming lesson early (only 5 minutes from the end luckily) and had trouble driving home as my calves were still cramping up! 

This weekend was my final long-run ahead of my half-marathon (I will taper from next weekend). I joined Leah, Lissy, Charlie B, Charlie W, Laureen and Anne for another early morning run through central London. We headed East from Waterloo following the Thames past Tower Bridge through Wapping, Limehouse and round to the Isle of Dogs where we crossed the river through the Greenwich foot tunnel. I loved this route and it was much quieter than last week’s run through central London. We met up with Glen in Greenwich who had already finished 13.1 miles, but he joined us for another 2 miles around the hilly park. The girls then headed off for another 5 miles, while me and Glen got brunch in 

Photo from www.therunnerbeans.co.uk

Today, I had intended to do a class with Secret Yoga Club but on arriving at the studio, we found that it had been locked and the instructor was unable to get the keys from the shop owner, so very apologetically she had to cancel the class.

Instead, we took my Mum and Dad’s goldendoodle Murphy for a long-walk around the country park and ponds. Murphy loves to play in the mud and doesn’t stay clean and white for long! 

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