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Spinning has long been a favourite class of mine, I love the high-energy intense workout you get from indoor cycling. 
I’d heard so much buzz about a Shoreditch-based cycling studio with a cult following, who had recently expanded to a new Holborn location, I knew I had to go along and check out Boom Cycle. The studio was offering two weeks of free classes to celebrate the new opening, so it was the perfect chance to get back on a spinning bike. 

I booked in online to a Friday evening class, and was able to select the position of my bike which I thought was a nice touch. 
On arrival at the studio, I was greeted by the friendly receptionist and checked into the class on her iPad. Boom Cycle offer free lockers, complimentary towels and the hire of cycling ‘cleats’ for £1. The showers and changing rooms are individual cubicles and offer my favourite brand of toiletries- REN. 

Photo from Boom Cycle Facebook page

The cycling studio itself is a darkened room with mirrored walls and large candles burning on the stage next to the instructor. There are lots of bikes available but they are not too tightly packed in. 
I found my assigned bike and the instructor Sonja helped me to adjust it, as it was a little stiff being brand new. I did hire some cleats, but I found them impossible to clip into the pedals despite help from the patient receptionist, so I quickly switched back to my trainers before the class started. 
Sonja lead us through a 45-minute tabata-style workout, reminding us that we should feel totally in control and it’s up to us to set our own resistance level according to how hard we want to work. I did struggle to see the instructor from where my bike was positioned, but I could hear her voice loud and clear over the music. 
As with a typical spinning class, the structure of the workout was a warm-up followed by a challenging series of hill climbs and flat sprints increasing and decreasing the resistance of the bike. I liked that the bikes came with a light-up display unit showing the current RPM, this made it easier to keep an eye on how hard I was working. 

I must admit I wasn’t blown away by Boom Cycle. The instructor was great, the class was enjoyable and I got a good workout, but I couldn’t help feeling that this is the exact same class on offer at my local gym for a fraction of the price (classes at Boom Cycle are usually £16). I think I was expecting something a little different or a bit more special from a dedicated cycling studio, but this just didn’t live up to the hype for me. I hate to be negative, as obviously this class was completely free, but I don’t think I will be rushing back to Boom Cycle. 

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