Weekly Re-Cap 14

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 45 minute treadmill pyramid intervals plus weighted squats, sumo squats, lunges and dead-lifts

Wednesday- Yoga Practice for Runners plus physio exercises and 45 minute swimming lesson

Thursday- 5.3 mile run 

Friday- 75 minute Jivamukti Yoga class 

Saturday- 13.1 mile run

Sunday- Pilates Inner Thigh Workout plus physio exercises 

A pretty good week of training! I feel good about all of my workouts this week, I managed to fit in 3 runs, strength training, swimming, 2 yoga sessions, pilates plus my physio exercises! I’ve been concentrating on strengthening the weak muscles in my inner thighs, so tried out a pilates video, plus got back into weights in the gym on Tuesday- that left me aching for days! 

I had a fantastic run with 8 girls from Team Naturally for my long-run on Saturday morning. I did 3.1 miles before meeting up with them, then a further 10 miles as a group meaning I completed the whole half-marathon distance! The miles seemed to fly past in no time as we were chatting as we ran along the Thames and up through Hyde Park and Regent’s Park. It made a world of difference running in a group and I found it a lot easier than my tough 12 miles last Sunday. I feel more confident about the Hampton Court Half Marathon now, knowing I can complete the distance. 
I got brunch with Leah and Lissy in a cafe in Camden after the run- lovely poached eggs and smoked salmon on toast. 



I took part in the final week of Fiona’s January Health & Fitness Challenge, this week the challenges were:

Do an activity you love- I really enjoyed my one-on-one yoga tuition on Friday evening and my long-run with the girls on Saturday. I also loved getting back into weight-lifting on Tuesday. 

Ditch the cereal and eat a good breakfast which consists of protein and wholegrain carbohydrates. Try and do this 4 times this week- I must admit I’m obsessed with frozen berries and greek yoghurt for breakfast and tend to eat this every week day- I didn’t really sway from that this week. On Saturday, I ate banana bread with peanut butter before my run. 

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