Yoga with Secret Yoga Club

One of my goals for 2014, was to incorporate more yoga into my routine and try out some different styles. 

I enjoyed last Sunday’s event with Secret Yoga Club so much that I decided to go along to one of their regular classes, held in the basement of Shoreditch boutique Celestine Eleven on Friday evening.

Luckily for me, I was the only person to attend the class and so got a one-to-one session with instructor Harriet. Having private tuition was a fantastic experience for strengthening and improving my practice, as Harriet corrected my alignment and helped me go deeper into the postures. She lead me through a Jivamukti class and explained some of the poses I have been struggling with, particularly chaturunga. I also attempted my first shoulder-stand and wheel pose! 

Harriet also gave me a lovely shoulder, neck and back massage as I practised, which left me feeling relaxed and refreshed- the perfect way to begin the weekend! The tranquil candle-lit studio space in the shop basement has about enough space for 10 mats, and Celestine Eleven also offer holistic beauty treatments alongside the yoga space. 

One aspect of yoga I struggle with is Ujjayi breathing, I tend to forget to breathe in this way when I am concentrating on the posture, and it feels a little strange to me. It’s something for me to work on. Harriet also explained the differences between Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Jivamukti which is something I’ve been wondering about since I started exploring more styles of yoga. 

Secret Yoga Club classes are ‘pay what your heart desires’- if you enjoy a class the suggested donation is £10. Check out the class timetable on their Facebook page.

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