Using the Skillmill with Run Junkie

I’ve noticed that the Skillmill is that one piece of equipment that tends to sit unused in most gyms. Gym users seem to gravitate towards the traditional cardio equipment without stepping foot on the strange-looking… View Post

Race Re-Cap: Royal Parks Half-Marathon

It’s not easy to get a spot in the Royal Parks Half-Marathon due to an oversubscribed ballot entry system. Back in 2014, I was lucky enough to get a place through the ballot, but had… View Post

Race Re-Cap: Spitfire Scramble 2017

The Spitfire Scramble has become an event that I keep returning to year after year. The first two events I visited as a spectator and for the past two years I’ve taken part as a… View Post

Training with Heart Rate Zones

Monitoring and understanding your heart rate can be an effective way of improving your triathlon performance. It ensures that you are training at the correct intensity for each workout and taking appropriate recovery. This method… View Post