My Next Big Challenge

Today, the wait was over. Registration opened for the Cotswold 113 and I didn’t hesitate to hit the ‘sign up’ button and input my debit card details. I’ve signed up for my first middle-distance triathlon, also known as a half-ironman or 70.3. 

For those not familiar it is a triathlon consisting of:

  • 1.2 mile swim (1900m)
  • 56 mile cycle (90km)
  • 13.1 mile run (21km)

70.3 miles in total or 113 kilometres (hence the name). 

Taking the step to sign up was something I’ve given a lot of consideration to and not a decision I’ve taken lightly. I wanted to make sure that I’m doing this for the right reasons and doing it for myself. Not because ‘I should’ or because ‘everyone else is doing it’. I don’t want to do this because of pressure or FOMO, I want to do it because I’m ready for the challenge.

And I am ready for the challenge. I’m excited to take the next step up from Olympic distance. I know I can do this and I know I will enjoy it. 

I also researched quite thoroughly which middle-distance triathlon I would like to do, before settling on the Cotswold 113. An Ironman branded event was unfortunately way out of my price range at roughly £200-£250 for the entry fee. The Outlaw Triathlon sold out quickly and was again too pricey for me to justify.

I came across the Cotswold 113 by chance and was immediately keen, based on:

  • It’s a small friendly family run event, which I always find to be my favourite races.
  • I love the picturesque Cotswolds, the scenery will distract me from the discomfort when I’m racing!
  • The bike course is almost completely flat. Just one hill to contend with.
  • I wanted an event with a lake swim, rather than a sea swim.
  • At £110 to enter, it’s more affordable than the big brand names in triathlon.
  • They have a free familiarisation day before the event to check out the course and meet the team. 
  • The organisers will cater to any requests, so you can ask to rack near friends or even request a sandwich with your name on it to be left in the aid station!
  • I’ve heard so much great feedback about the event from previous competitors- everyone’s reviews are excellent. 

I’m excited! Bring on the 12th June!

Individually I feel confident about the distances. I can comfortably swim 1.2 miles, I’ve cycled over 50 miles several times and I’ve ran four half-marathons. It’s just putting them all together! 

Obviously there is the small issue of my injury… I’ve been unable to run or cycle for over 6 weeks now, so there is a long way to go to 70.3 miles! However, I’m confident that I will be healed and recovered in time to race next summer. If not, I’m giving up triathlon for a more sensible hobby…. like chess or stamp collecting. Nah!

Have you ever raced the Cotswold 113? Should I give up triathlon and take up chess?


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