You know you are a Triathlete when…


1. Your bathroom stinks of neoprene from the wetsuits hung to drip-dry over the bath.

2. You consider 6:30am a lay-in on the weekend.

3. Your idea of a perfect holiday is a training camp somewhere in Spain.

4. You are still wearing your race number tattoo to work on Monday.

You know you are a Triathlete when

5. Your perfume is chlorine.
6. You own more Lycra than regular clothes.
7. Your gel/bars/water bottles take over half your kitchen. 
8. You have very distinct tan lines.
9. You stalk your inbox waiting for the pre-registration email for that big race.
10. Your car purchase was based on how easily you can fit your bike inside the boot.
11. Your phone automatically changes ‘I’m’ to ‘IM’.
12. You have the urge to shout “on your right” when walking past someone or “clear” when crossing the road.
13. You hoard swimming hats.

You know you are a Triathlete when

14. Your tri club friends don’t recognise you when they see you fully clothed.

15. Your most expensive pair of shoes are the ones that clip onto your pedals.

16. You refer to your bike as “your baby”. 

17. Your race medals are amongst your most prized possessions.

18. You have constantly have chain grease on your calf.

19. You replace your shoe-laces with lock-laces on every item of footwear you own.

20. The two things that are most frequently found in between your legs are your bike saddle and pull buoy.

Got any more you can add to my list?

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