Fitness Trends to try in 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Regular readers will know I’m always interested in trying the latest and greatest ways to workout. Spin (aka Indoor Cycling) has been absolutely huge in 2014, with a number of dedicated boutique studios opening in the capital and across the country. While indoor cycling isn’t going anywhere (literally), there are some new fitness trends coming our way in 2015.

If you are bored of your current workout or looking to try something new, I’ve compiled a list of the hottest ways to workout this year…

1. Treadmill-based HIIT workouts
The latest trend in group fitness is set to revolutionize your relationship with the ‘dreadmill’. There is no need to pound the treadmill for hours on end in a solo session, as a new genre of boutique studios offer short interval based workouts which combine sprints with strength training. 
Barry’s Bootcamp pioneered the concept with their cardio treadmill routines followed by strength training utilizing free weights, resistance bands and medicine balls.
The recently opened Project Fit in London, offers a similar workout with their intense cardio intervals paired with floor-based bootcamp exercises. LA Fitness are also onto the trend with their ‘Tread and Shred’ classes.

Project Fit
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2. Hashing
A concept which has been around since the 1930s, but currently growing in popularity. Hashing is described as a form of non-competitive cross-country running following a pre-laid trail through a variety of terrain following by drinking and socialising.
The trail is laid by a ‘hare’ using non-permanent materials such as chalk, flour or sawdust. Runners ‘the hounds’ then follow this trail of clues using team-work and co-operation. The trail could be set through streets, footpaths, parks, forests, carparks, and will often include dead-ends, short-cuts and splits.
Every hashing run ends at a pub for an essential part of hashing- a drinking session! 
Check out the Hash House Harriers for more information.

3. Focus on recovery
‘Train hard, recover harder’ is set to become the motto of the fitness fan in 2015.
As HIIT gains in popularity and our training becomes more intense, recovery becomes an even more important factor in making gains in performance. Expect to see more classes and products which focus on flexibility, restoration and techniques to promote recovery and enhance performance.
Jas Yoga offer a 6 week course for runners, which aims to optimise performance by recovering from training, preventing injuries and assisting in rejuvenation.

Jas Yoga
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4. Pop-ups, secret and unusual locations
This year has seen us get our downward dog on in multi-story carparks, churches, skyscrapers, art galleries and roof tops. Lululemon organised some fantastic events in 2014 including yoga in the Royal Opera House and the Serpentine Pavilion.
I’m excited to see where 2015 will take our workouts, and predict a real rise in classes which step outside of the mundane confines of the gym.
Secret Urban Escape offer healthy lifestyle pop-up events at unique and unusual locations which are kept top secret until the day of the event. Their previous classes have included pilates under railway arches, rooftop bootcamp and BBQ and pilates in Hyde Park. Secret Yoga Club organises pop-up events in different venues around London with live music and delicious food.

Photo from Lululemon

5. Body weight training
According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), the one to watch for 2015 is body weight training.
Body weight workouts (think squats, lunges, push-ups and planks) are making a real resurgence as they are convenient, inexpensive and efficient. Perfect for gaining strength, building muscle and increasing endurance without the need for any equipment or a gym membership. Get back to basics in 2015 and try a body-weight circuit at your local park- I like this workout which Charlie shared on her blog.

6. Online training
Can’t make it to the gym for a class?
Working out at home using digitally streamed classes is a growing trend, with more and more platforms being launched in 2015. Online classes can be viewed via smartphones, tablets, laptops or TVs, and are accessible whenever and wherever you want, which makes for a perfect solution for those with hectic lifestyles. 
Yoogaia offer live yoga, pilates, core and kettlebell classes which are personally guided by an instructor through a webcam. Sleek Technique deliver ballet-based workouts in which the instructor is able to see you to motivate and correct technique.

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Fancy trying any of these workouts? Or is there anything I’ve missed?

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