Weekly Re-Cap 21

Monday- Rest (ill)

Tuesday- Rest (ill)

Wednesday- 5 mile run

Thursday- 90 minute Yin & Yang yoga class

Friday- 4 mile run

Saturday- 50 minute swimming lesson (approx 750m)

Sunday- 10k race 

I started last week feeling rough with a head-cold, so I took a few days rest to recover, which meant missing my run with Havering Tri on Monday evening.

By Wednesday, I was feeling a lot better so managed a 5 mile run after work.

On Thursday, Lululemon were hosting Cheeky Yoga- a day of free yoga classes at a choice of 20 studios across London. I chose to do Yin and Yang yoga at Blue Cow in Moorgate, as I’ve been to this studio once before and was keen to go back. The class was blissfully relaxing, I felt totally zoned out and chilled after 90 minutes of deep stretches and slow-paced flowing yoga.

A 4 mile run along the River Roding near my office finished the week off nicely on Friday. I’m lucky to finish work at 4pm on Friday, so I have time to fit in a run while there is still daylight.

On Saturday, I had my swimming lesson where I swam around 30 lengths of mostly front-crawl with a little back-stroke and breast-stroke. I took less rest-time between lengths and tried to swim continuously without taking breaks. Again I had a cramp in my calf during the lesson and struggled to carry on kicking- still not sure what is causing this! I’m eating my leafy greens, almonds, having an electrolyte drink before/during class as was suggested.

Sunday was the New Forest 10k, which you can read more about here. Some photos from the race…


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