Weekly Re-Cap 2

Monday– Rest

Tuesday– 4 mile run
Wednesday– 60 minute Frame Method class
Thursday– 4 mile run
Friday– 120 minute Yin Yoga class
Saturday– 8 mile run
Sunday– 60 minute Zumba Toning class
My usual swimming lesson was cancelled this Wednesday so I thought I would pop back to Frame Shoreditch and try another class. I went for the Frame Method class, described as a series of simple isometric exercises that strengthen and stretch every muscle group in the body. The class involved lots of small pulsing movements using weights and a pilates ball, both on the mat and at the barre. The ab workout was particularly tough, and I was feeling it for days after! 
On Friday evening, I tried a class at Blue Cow Yoga with some of the Team Naturally Run girls- Leah, Lissy, Ashley, Lauren and Hollie. The 2 hour class was blissfully relaxing, and involved gentle hip-opening poses using bolsters and blankets to help get the deepest stretch. I came away from the class feeling totally chilled and ready for bed!

I enjoyed my three runs this week, especially Saturday morning along the Thames from Rainham to Purfleet. This route takes you past the nature reserve and RSPB centre, with views of Kent across the river. I did 8 miles there and back, and Glen did a bit extra taking him up to just over 12 miles. 

View from the Thames Riverside Path

RSPB Centre

Tomorrow I start a new job, after a few months of being out of work, so I’m looking forward to getting back to the working world, and figuring out how I will fit in exercise on those dark evenings. I’ve already planned a running route from the new office, and have the Fitness Freak Hula Event on Tuesday. 

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