What do pro triathletes eat? Helen Jenkins

Ever wondered what pro triathletes eat to support their racing and training? Do they follow a strict nutrition plan, or can they get away with whatever they like due to their training volume? I’m always… View Post

Why you should get a swim stroke analysis

Of the three disciplines in triathlon, swimming is the most difficult to master. Efficient swimming really comes down to technique. Improved efficiency means going faster without a substantial increase in effort or energy expenditure. Even… View Post

Kit Review: Liv Zorya Wind Jacket

Liv is the first cycling brand completely dedicated to female cyclists. They’ve created some of the most popular bike models on the market for women, including the Liv Envie Advanced 1 which I own and love riding. As… View Post

On my relationship with yoga

Yoga is something I’ve dipped in and out of over the years. I’ve definitely had a love/hate relationship with the practice. I’ve tried several forms of yoga and taken lots of different classes, but never… View Post

Pool-based swim challenges to keep you motivated

At this time of year, open-water swim challenges can seem like they are in the distant future (unless you are a hardcore all-weathers swimmer). It’s easy to lose motivation for pool swimming unless you have… View Post

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