10 Questions I’m asked about Triathlon

Questions about triathlon

When people hear that I’m into triathlon, I usually get asked a few questions… sometimes strange questions. 

I did think about calling this post “10 Questions never to ask a triathlete”, but I personally want to encourage questions no matter how stupid. It only helps people to learn more about this amazing sport. 

Here’s some of the questions I’m asked on a regular basis:

You’re going to swim in a lake? Won’t it be cold?
Yes triathlons are usually in a lake, or the sea, a river, a dock or an estuary. It can be chilly, but it’s fine when you get started. The wetsuit keeps you warm. Sometimes triathlons are in a pool, which is a lot warmer. 

Which order is it in again? Run, bike, swim? Or is it bike, swim, run?
It’s pretty much always swim, bike, run. 

So you don’t wear any underwear?
No, trisuits are designed to be worn without underwear as it can cause chafing and hold on to excess water. I do wear a sports bra underneath though. 

Your bike cost HOW MUCH?
Yes it cost THAT MUCH. And that was with a discount. And it’s only an entry-level bike. You could easily spend three to four times that amount. 

Ironman… that’s similar to Race for Life, right?
Not exactly… it’s a lot further… like 137.5 miles further. And there is a lot less pink.

Ironman… that’s similar to Tough Mudder, right? 
Again, it’s quite a bit further. And there is a lot less mud and obstacles.

So you take the wetsuit off after the swim? You can’t just throw some clothes on over it and start cycling?
I can’t even imagine the discomfort of trying to cycle or run in a wetsuit, you’d overheat and struggle. It’s definitely advisable (and required) to take it off after the swim.

So your feet are attached to the bike? What happens when you need to stop? Won’t you fall over?
Yes falling over is definitely a thing which happens. Hopefully not too often, but it definitely happens when you are getting used to clipping in.

Do you usually race on an empty stomach? Or is it best to eat something before?
I definitely need my porridge on race day! I wouldn’t get far on an empty stomach! Fuelling is definitely advised. 

You got up at WHAT TIME to race?
Yes it can be an early start, and I have been known to get up around 3-4am on race day. It’s all worth it in the end though!

Which questions are you regularly asked about triathlon or other sports? 

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