Racing: how often is too often?

I recently saw a debate on Twitter about racing too frequently. The original tweet was aimed at those who run marathons every month instead of focusing their efforts on 1-2 events per year. Understandably, the… View Post

Race Re-Cap: Monster Standard Triathlon

My 6th and final race of the season was the Monster Standard triathlon. This was another race which had been on my to-do list mostly because of the awesome medal design. The race is set… View Post

8 of the best women’s trisuits

Back when I started out in triathlon, there wasn’t a great deal of choice around for trisuits. Everything for women was black, sleeveless with a few pink panels. I’ve since designed and developed a range… View Post

Triathlon training with a partner

One of my favourite things about triathlon is being able to share the love of this sport with my husband Glen. I’m quite fortunate that he embraces a lifestyle of swim, bike and run as… View Post