How to choose the right swimming goggles

One thing I really enjoy about swimming is the simplicity. You don’t need tons of kit and equipment to get started, just a few basic items- some swimwear, goggles and a swim cap. Goggles are essential… View Post

Swimwear for Bigger Busts- plus Bravissimo giveaway

Recently I had a request from a reader for recommendations on swimwear with more support for bigger busts. Personally, I don’t have particularly big boobs so it’s not an area I have much experience with,… View Post

Swimming the Solent- I did it!

I did it, I swam the Solent! It was an incredible experience, I’m still on a high a few days later. For those who are not regular readers, I’ve been training to swim from mainland… View Post

Training to swim the Solent

In just four weeks I’ll be swimming the Solent. As with many challenges, it seemed so far away when I signed up, but the date quickly approaches! A few people have asked me what and… View Post