Black Friday Deals for Triathletes

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is here to stay. UK retailers have really embraced this American tradition over the past few years with huge discounts available online and in stores. I’m not big… View Post

Racing: how often is too often?

I recently saw a debate on Twitter about racing too frequently. The original tweet was aimed at those who run marathons every month instead of focusing their efforts on 1-2 events per year. Understandably, the… View Post

Race Re-Cap: Monster Standard Triathlon

My 6th and final race of the season was the Monster Standard triathlon. This was another race which had been on my to-do list mostly because of the awesome medal design. The race is set… View Post

8 of the best women’s trisuits

Back when I started out in triathlon, there wasn’t a great deal of choice around for trisuits. Everything for women was black, sleeveless with a few pink panels. I’ve since designed and developed a range… View Post